What Pinterest And Groundhog Day Have In Common

A Year Ago We Didn’t Even Have A Pinterest Page

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Until 2017, Laurel Bledsoe Design did not use Pinterest at all.  You could say we were living under the proverbial rock, or perhaps in the Groundhog’s burrow.

Mrs. Punxsutawney Phil

Speaking of groundhogs, also known as woodchucks, these little pups live in some pretty grand homes.  These chuckies know a home needs separate rooms for specific functions and that finding the right home when you travel is essential.  So how much wood can a woodchuck chuck?  Apparently a lot because we think they are the ultimate homebuilders.  So if there is a Puxatony Pinterest, you can bet mama woodchuck spends the long winter gathering ideas about how to make her home look and function better.

Building A Meaningful Pinterest Account

I admit, a year ago I did not understand how to use Pinterest in a way that could benefit our design firm.  My experience with the site had been limited to waiting while clients tried to find “the picture” of what they wanted to show me in a sea of other, unrelated photos.  When clients found a photo quickly, it did intrigue me.  Could we use Pinterest to finally archive the literally thousands of photos a design firm has, and efficiently catalog every new photo we choose to save?  Yes we can!  Is it an incredible amout of work?  Yes it is!  We’ve decided on one rule as we build a working Pinterest account we can share with our clients and readers.  Anything we “pin” must have a meaning and in some way be related to our homes.

Laurel @ littleblackdomicile.com

This Friday lets look at some of our Favorite Pins and talk about how we build our Pinterest Boards.


Pinterest and littleblackdomicile.com

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A Pinteresting Board

Some of our boards will relate to a post we’ve done.  The one below is titled Five Ways To Enjoy Your Home This Fall.  These boards are of interest, almost like a mini magazine, and something you can find scrolling about our boards.  These boards are for when you want to get inside our designer brains and “play” with us.

Pinterest Board on littleblackdomicile.com

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Colorful Pinterest Boards

Next we will have boards that zone in on a more specifc theme.  This board Green With Envy, gives you a bit of a clue what it is about.  We are working on more color boards all the time.

littleblackdomicile pinterest green with envy board

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Specific Category Pins

Not as “pinteresting” in titles, but certainly easy to find, will be our Pinterest boards like this one Fireplaces.  When you are looking for specific ideas, these will be boards to hone in on.  We’ve just learned how to keep boards in alphabetical order which helps us tremendously when adding to the boards and will make it so much easier for you to find a specific category.  We’re learning!

littleblackdomicile fireplace pinterest board

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Little Black “domicile”! Post Pinterest Board

At the top of our Pinterest page are five larger boards that slide quickly.  These boards change from time to time as we get requests to give a board a little more attention.  One board that will always be up top, our favorite of course, is the A littleblackdomicile.com Fall In Love With Your Home! board.  This board is a grouping of all of our blog posts.  It’s a quick way to catch up on published posts simply by clicking the pin which sends you directly to the related post.  Oh how we wish we had figured out this little trick on day one of the blog!  Every new post gets pinned now, and who knows, maybe a little pig will fly by and go back and add the other hundred or so posts waiting to be pinned.

littleblackdomicile pinterest post board

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Pin Me!

While we were learning how to build our Pinterest page, we were inundated with the experts who wanted to tell us how to get thousands of followers and make money from our pins.  We are simply not into that.  Like this blog, our social media connections are extensions of our design firm.  We’ve learned in the past year that our readers are what the industry calls organic.  This means you come to this blog because you want to see what’s next, what our quirky take on something related to design is, and we hope simply have a quick resource for things that are of interest to you.

We are using Pinterest for selfish reasons.  That is to get all the paper and digital photos into one easliy accessible library for our use.  After 35 years it is a lofty goal but an attainable one.  Of late, we have had several blog readers tell us they did not know we were on Pinterest.  This post is a formal invitation to take just a second to check out our page and choose to Follow Us On Pinterest. I honestly do not know how to tell you to do this…but I have faith in our savvy readers that you can find the follow button somewhere on the Pinterest page.

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