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We Spy With Our Designer Eye

 Home Styling Blog Bright White Bath with Patterned Tile, Persian Rug, Shower and Tub

This Savor Sunday

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Each Sunday we’ll share a design that caught our eye and we took some time to savor.  This week let’s look at this attractive bathroom via home styling blog At first glance we see a large, white bath.  With a closer look, we see so many small details that welcome us right in!

We Spy With Our Designer Eye….




  •  Crisp Clean White and Marble Walls Create a Palette for Contrasting Color and Pattern
  •  Skylights and Large Windows Flood the Bath with Light
  • An Indoor/Outdoor Spa Like Experience with Private Courtyard Landscape
  • Long Persian Rug Perfect for Curling Toes Out of the Shower and at Vanity
  • Ceiling Rain Shower Indeed Gives the Feeling of Bathing In The Soothing Outside Rain
  • Mixed Metal Finishes with Dark Faucets and Vintage Brass Tone Vanity Hardware
  •  Barely There Wall Sconces Come to Life at Night
  •  Dual Vanity with Covered Storage, Wall Mount Faucets and Bottom Tray Details Continue to Create Your Own Spa at Home
  • Patterned, Moroccan Tiles Offer a High End Design Subtle Foundation
  • A Professional Couple Getting Ready to Take on the Day with Large Shared Mirror with Plenty of Room
  • The Final Touches Before Date Night with Hubby
  • After a Long Day, a Relaxing Bubble Soak and a Glass of a Favorite Vino


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7 thoughts on “The Sunday Spy 2.4.18”

    1. Traveling in our own homes…exciting! We help our clients place all their travel treasures to really be able to enjoy them when we do an interior styling. Both locally and through our virtual design packages.

  1. Beautiful bathroom! I have a question, do you think the large graphic tiles will stand the test of time? I personally love them but I was just curious. I have seen bloggers houses with tiles like this in black/white in the kitchen, bathrooms, mudroom, and the laundry room. I would probably just use it in one room.

    1. Throughout history patterned tiles have stood the test of time. Our friends on other continents don’t hold back as much as we do, and rarely follow a trend. As with all timeless design, having a plan with how to best work with a favorite element offers the most success. Architecture, natural lighting and our lifestyles also are important to consumers consider. Our designs strive be to meet all of our clients wants and needs….now and for years to come. Thanks for the question. We get many thru email and it’s nice to be able to let others see both the question and our thoughts.

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