An Interior Design Team Uses These Two Tricks To Stay Creative

Creativity Doesn’t Always Happen 9 To 5

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Everyone working in a creative industry knows that the juices don’t always flow freely.  More often than not, those juices can start to slow without much notice.  And it’s almost guaranteed they will stop completely with a deadline looming.  In the interior design world this can be a problem!

Creativity Never Sleeps But Boy Can She Nap!

Creativity Can't Tell Time


littleblackdomicile quotes

Last week was my first week of working exclusively, and from my home, as an independent designer with Laurel Bledsoe Design.  No more restraints of being in the kitchen and bath showroom where I had worked since college.  No more set times to be creative!   Laurel and I worked like a well oiled machine.  The days were equally productive and relaxing without the showroom stress I’d been used to…until Friday when we both hit a snag.  How could this be?  We work from a seriously planned calendar, with a clear division of shared responsibilities, geared to producing the very best personalized designs for each of our wonderful clients.   What happened is that we’d planned for Friday to be a full day of being creative. Instead, Creativity took off for the weekend about 3 and left both of us hanging.

Coming In The Back Door To Creativity

littleblackdomicile quotes

I’ve heard Laurel say a hundred times, “Stretch outside the box.”  She is usually meaning that I need to get out of my comfort zone and move away from the trends in interior design.  Because she has willingly let me pull her into things that are more technical, when she pushes me, I usually jump.  But what do we do when we both hit the wall at the same time?  Who is to push and who is to jump?  New to LBD and want to learn a bit more about how we became partners?  Click Here

Fashion and Food Inspire Creativity

What we do, to get the creative juices back in sync, is we both head to our other passions and “play”.  Second only to interior design for me, is fashion design.  We’ve “played” with this topic on the blog a bit.  We have gotten so much interest about how the fashions we wear and our home’s decor inspire each other, that we will be doing another post in mid February.

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Laurel @

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And you can see that Laurel’s other’s passion is food.

littleblackdomicile quotes

When we play with all of our passions we are continually reminded how everything is related to interior design one way or another.  Little Black “domicile!” let’s us share our crazy path back to our day job with you.

Happy Motivational Monday!

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5 thoughts on “An Interior Design Team Uses These Two Tricks To Stay Creative”

  1. What a fabulous dining room! I bet the person who designed it, and also whose dining room it is, is lots of fun, giggles a lot, is as sharp as a whip, and beautiful besides. xxx

  2. I know what you’re talking about and that’s exactly the photo I chose for the three of us to be inspired by!!
    But you’re right…we need time to think, not just do. I was just realizing that the time I’m hanging out, is the time I have some of my greatest ideas!!

    1. How ironic you chose this photo! Readers…stay tuned for the post on 2/21 and learn more about what Jodie and I are talking about. Till then.. may the idea’s for shared blog posts keep flowing.

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