10 Gutsy and Glorious Bathroom Paint Colors

“How hard can it be to paint a bathroom?”-RG

Apartment Therapy Navy Wall Bathroom

Ah, the war cry of the weekend painter!  Bathrooms are some of the smallest rooms in the house.  Surely they should be the easiest to paint….right?  Perhaps, until you pick the wrong paint color.

The Weekend Bathroom DIY Painter

Clean Paint Cans

We’ve met some of our most loyal clients AFTER they have painted a bathroom for the first time.

 “The paint dried a different color than the sample.”  

“The guy at the store said this was the most popular color going.” 

“We saw this on HGTV and it looked great.”

And finally, “Just give me the right color!”

Sound a little too familiar when trying to pick a paint color?  Especially when you want something outside of the current design trends?  Don’t beat yourself up any longer and stop buying all those samples to paint a tiny section on the wall.  The secret to choosing paint colors is a little bit of knowledge paired with a lot of confidence!  Let’s look at some bathrooms that have mastered the color wheel.

Bathrooms Taking A Bold Approach With Color

Pinterest Black Wall Bathroom

houzz periwinkle wall bathroom

Pinterest Eggplant Bathroom

houzz turquoise bathroom walls

yellow bathroom wall color

Kate Marker Interiors Green Wall Bathroom

DIY Network Orange Wall Bath

dwelling decor gray wall bathroom

Benjamin Moore Old Claret Bath


Stop Adding Full Paint Cans To Your Stash


Choosing the best paint colors for your home is not rocket science but it can be frustrating at times.  A quick interior design consultation, virtually or on site, can send you on your way to the paint store with confidence.  We are pretty sure that yes, even though you can paint your bathroom, you’ll be happiest painting it only once!

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10 thoughts on “10 Gutsy and Glorious Bathroom Paint Colors”

    1. Yep….the right color can change our life…well maybe not our lives, but at least a day or too!

  1. Why not?? It’s super fun to have color in these spaces. I used to have my powder bathroom painted a teal blue….I loved it! I’ll have to think about this in our new place now….(always something more to do..ha ha)

  2. Hi Laurel, some amazing colours there. I love the bright pink and the teal and would never have thought of them in a bathroom – so inspiring! Lxx

    1. It’s like a colorful item of clothing, or red shoes, a bright colored hand bag that can make us feel just a little more “pulled” together with pizzaz!

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