The Sunday Spy 2.11.18

We Spy With Our Designer Eye

 Refinery 29 Ikea Wall Shelf Vanity with Vintage Mirror, Wall Sconces, Tray with Perfume

This Savor Sunday

See What We Love About This Design

Each Sunday we’ll share a design that caught our eye and we took some time to savor.  This week let’s look at this wall vanity via Refinery29 At first glance we see a make up vanity.  With a closer look, we see so many small details that make us all want a “me spot” like this!

We Spy With Our Designer Eye….

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  • Ikea 11” Deep Wall Shelf Creates Vanity Narrow Enough To Use Mirror Effectively For Make Up Application
  • Pair of Wall Sconces, Not Hot Wired, Using Wall Wire Management To Outlet Plug In
  • Sconce Shades Covered with Fabric Adds Texture
  • Hooks Under Vanity for Hanging Purses
  • Open Box Cabinet Mounted Above Mirror Housing Misc Items, Perhaps Smaller Handbags, Totes with Accessories
  • Tray for Makeup, Open and Accessible yet Adds to the Allure
  • Simple Glass Jar for Make Up Brushes, Mascara
  • Vintage Frame with Updated Beveled Mirror Insert
  • Tiny Kitty Jewelry Holder
  • Unframed Photos with Meaning
  • Clean, White Background and Vanity Allows Color to be from Everyday Items
  • We can only Imagine this Vanity Partnered with Fabulous Furry Covered Stool, Or Mounted As Walk Up
  • Not Pictured but Possible, A Small Vase of Single Stem Floral, Morning Coffee Cup
  • Location of Vanity Could be in a Closet Nook, Part of a Bedroom Decor, Tucked Away inside a Bath, or in Full Glory in a Dressing Room
  • Morning Me Spot for Career “It” Gal
  • Mom’s Date Night Corner
  • His Spot to Leave a Special Note

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    1. Thank you…we could one of these a day! So much to see when we take time to look. Happy Sunday.

    1. Thanks Rena, Sunday Spy is becoming a very popular day. Please pass us along to some of your lovely followers…perhaps they’d like a little decor with their fashion!-Laurel

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