Real Estate Designed To Sell Moves Quickly

Good Interior Design Always Sells

littleblackdomicile real estate designed to sell

Remember when our mothers used to ask us if we were living in a barn?  Well, mother, we know some pretty savvy Realtors who would gladly sell us a well designed barn any day.

johnson squared architects barn
Barn Baby Barn!

In Real Estate Curb Appeal Matters

After location, location, location is curb appeal.  While both of these factors remain important for the buyer, the online marketing presentation is what is most important to the seller.

littleblackdomicile real estate designed to sell


Online Real Estate Photos Are The First Impression To A Buyer

With the exception of a newly constructed property, every property being marketed for sale has a history.  Sellers of dated houses either see only the good memories they’ve had in the home, or assume the buyer will want to “put their own touch” on the place.  Sadly, in more cases than not, there will be no one willing to give the property a chance because everyone wants a little skin with those good bones and they just can’t visualize the possibilities.

littleblackdomicile real estate designed to sell

Real Estate Agents With A Plan

The agents we work with on a regular basis, both on site and virtually, use our services in two ways.  First, as a resource to prepare an evaluation of the property to present to the sellers, and for update recommendations so the property can be marketed to appeal to the largest number of buyers.  Secondly, when updating is not an option prior to the sale, we provide a detailed plan showing the potential we see in the property.  These plans are not unreachable, off the charts expensive recommendations.  They include readily available, reasonably priced options that will give buyers a fresh, relevant slate in which to start personalizing their new home.  Remember the photos above?  Below is our presentation the agent is using to show buyers what can happen quickly with this wonderfully loved property.

Seeing A Property Through A Designer’s Eyes

littleblackdomicile real estate designed to sell

When we looked at this property, we saw nothing but a well maintained house on the brink of becoming another cherished home.  The inspiration photos above are all attainable in this home.  Below are some of our recommendations.

Designed To Sell Recommendations

littleblackdomicile real estate designed to sell

littleblackdomicile real estate designed to sell


littleblackdomicile real estate designed to sell


littleblackdomicile real estate designed to sell

Included In The Design To Sell Real Estate Package

In addition to the presentation boards the real estate agent shares with both the seller and potential buyers, is a complete listing with resource links of all of the suggested materials.  All materials suggested are from local big box and online vendors for quick delivery and to meet budget requirements.  For this property, we assisted the agent by compiling bid specifications.  One of our shared resources prepared an itemized cost analysis for the project.   Laurel Bledsoe Design is always honored to work with these agents dedicated to such levels of client service.

Coming Friday…..

littleblackdomicile when is a house not a home?

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  1. Some good advice here, Laurel – I think you’re right when you say that some people find it difficult to visualize possibilities or the potential in a property – that’s where you come in!!! Lxx

    1. The very best agents have us assist them all the time. We enjoy seeing a property marked SOLD when a team works together!

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