Good Interior Design Is Timeless


February Fashion Reminds Us Good Interior Design Is Forever


Dorothy Draper Inspired Dining Room with Red Chinese Chairs

Fashion hits the runways in February each year.  Social media is flush with all the new styles that are to grace our closets and make their debut at upcoming events.  Personally it is overwhelming.  This a time I count on the classics to blend the new with the old stand by and create a fresh new look that I can manage.   The same can work with our home’s interior.   Just because good interior design is timeless doesn’t mean it won’t benefit from a little kick in the tush every so often.  

Timeless Kate The Great


Years ago I read, in Katherine Hepburn’s autobiography, that she always infused the color red into her decor.  Because she was such a private gal, the photos we found above show she must have considered herself a part of the decor!  Regardless, Kate wins as she shows that a little red is indeed an asset to many designs.  Another confirmation that our fashion sense can be an inspiration to our decor.

Design Classics Are Timeless

Laurel @

Draper Interiors Sunporch

So today, on this Motivational Monday, let’s take a look at truly timeless interiors.  As a designer, we are always motivated when we see designs by those we admire.  Some of these examples of good interior design are decades old and others are more current.  Take a look at the sunroom above.  Notice the black and white floor?  Scroll back up to the dining room photo and see the similar flooring.  This type of floor was a signature of Dorothy Draper & Company.   Here’s some trivia for all good interior design buffs, this gal started it all.  Take a look at the name of the Atlanta Design Firm in the photo above.  It is rather catchy don’t you think?  When something works…

All Good Interior Design Has Something In Common


sarah finned interiors barn conversion with red accents





Billy BaldwinBlue Upholstery Living Room

one kings lane_bunny williams_SUNROOM

Beth Elsey Dining Room



Bunny Williams Al Fresco Dining

Did you catch on to what all these interiors have in common?  Regardless of the type of space and modern, traditional or transitional design.  Set aside the use of color, pattern, the oodles of accessories or the minimalistic approach to “stuff”.  Nix the structural elements and natural light, or lack of.   Need another look back and a few more amazing designs to look at?

Nate Burkus Living Room

Kelly Hoppen Living Room

Everyone Wants To Live With Good Interior Design

And this is what all these interiors have in common.  No matter when the design was created, nor the style and the finishes of the furnishings, we want to live in these spaces!  For a moment, for a day, for a week or for a lifetime we can imagine ourselves in these designs.  Good design always “has us at hello”.

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