5 Points Designers Use To Successfully Mix Color and Pattern Into A Neutral Decor

At Times A Neutral Decor Needs A Little Nudge

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When a recent virtual design client told us she was bored with her “too neutral” design we asked if she would like to introduce color and pattern back into her decor? “Yes…but I have no idea where to start!” – al

Simply Neutral

Laurel @ littleblackdomicile.com

Fantastic Frank Neutral Living Room Decor

An all neutral interior is attractive to most of us for the initial simplicity it portrays.  Who hasn’t dreamed of strolling thru an international city, imagining themselves living in a “white box” with the charming city lurking outside the window.  Alfresco dining and a midday espresso would be a part of our weeks.  This type of decor is in my comfort zone with the exception of a few added brightly colored, textural art both Mr. LBD and I crave, scattered here and there.

Neutral American Interior Design Trends

taupe-linen-headboard-pleated-bedskirt-geometric-ring-chandelier via decorpad

“Help me!  My room does not feel finished.”  More and more, we are meeting with soon-to-be clients who have spent time and money to create a space that is not as they intended.  The bedroom above has very nice components and yet we wonder if the small floral vase is the beginning of this owner always wanting just a little more in this design.

Gray Kitchen via home bunch and Elizabeth-Garrett-Interiors

We also see beautifully designed kitchens of new clients who are asking us to “personalize” their space.  Somehow in the current trends of too many of the same neutral colors and patterns repeated, our spaces have lost their souls.  Our clients want them back!

Color and Pattern Is All Around Us

We’ve said it before, inspiration for our homes interior design can come from so many different avenues in our daily lives.  The combination of texture, color and pattern is evident in nature, architecture, food and especially textiles.

  1. Start with a Light and a Dark Color Combination as a Foundation. Black and White, Brown and Ivory, Gray and Pearl
  2. Add Elements with Bold Color. For this example we’ll use Red, Orange, Yellow
  3. Choose Patterns in Odd Numbers. 1-3-5
  4. Next Select Tangible Items – “Feel” the Dimension
  5. Have Confidence. Start, don’t pull back and finish!

What Are The Best Colors And Patterns For Your Decor?

Ladies and gents, look to your closets!  This is where you will discover the colors and patterns you’ll feel most comfortable incorporating into your decor. “Oh, but I like too many different things!” This is exactly the point.  We don’t want to wear the same thing everyday.  Our closets reflect our personality…our souls.  Let’s look at our home’s interior design with the same idea.

jodiestouchofstyle ladies in winter coats with littleblackdomicile

We’d like to introduce you to three gals that have enough soul for all of us! Jodie’s Touch Of Style Blog  

Hop over to their blog and learn more about the amazing relationship these women share.  It did not take a nano second to look at these lovelies and immediately know how to advise our client.  Mixing color and pattern wins everytime!


Hi!  Kristen here.  Jodie and her gang above are not the only ones who love mixing color and pattern.  Let’s take a look at some similarity in the fashions below.  Then let’s leap into the fun of showing how all these colors, patterns and textures can make neutral color palettes our new soul sister!

littleblackdomicile fashion week

Interior Design Color, Pattern And Texture Infused

beautiful-interiors-colour-scheme-design-basics-interior-design-home design ideas

Mydomaine bedroom with red rug mixed patterns

Pinterest Nursery with Red Crib and Gold Zebra Wallpaper

mydomaine white table with red chairs, stripped pillows and floral curtains

Home Beautiful Living Room With Black Fireplace Chimney

Let’s Play With A Neutral Decor

Pinterest Black Staircase

The stair case and entry in this home is so charming!  But what if it’s a little too monochromatic for your taste?  Or, what about the time after we take down the holiday decorations and things feel a tad empty?  How about a spicy leopard runner in the hall and an artistic canvas in lieu of the mirror?  All portable for total decor flexibility!

cfabbridedesign leopard carpet

Bellacor Paris Scene Art Canvas

Thanks again to Jodie’s Touch Of Style for keeping our creative design juices flowing.  You can also follow Jodie and her gang on Pinterest  and Instagram . It is also so much fun to work with another blogger!

And just so the gents do not feel left out, how about a quick look at this guy who certainly has textures, color and pattern mixing mastered.  See Andy on Instagram in the link below.

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For More Ideas About Adding Color To A Decor

littleblackdomicile.com and pinterest infusing color into a neutral decor

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9 thoughts on “5 Points Designers Use To Successfully Mix Color and Pattern Into A Neutral Decor”

  1. I do think that the splash of color adds everything to a room! I know you see these neutral rooms in the magazines, but that’s just not me (and most of the people I know!!)
    Thanks for having fun with us!!

    1. That’s the beauty of design…we can all be unique. Personalized design, like fashion, works for all of us. Some days we have a white mode and other days we need color! We certainly did have some fun today…thanks for the idea.

    2. We all have a neutral and a colorful side…that’s what so great about interior design and fashion…we can have it all! Thanks to you for the idea for these shared post today. Fun!

  2. The touches of red especially add a marvellous warmth to the room. I’m sure I can take these principles and apply them to my wardrobe! Lxx

  3. I love this! I think so many people scroll thru Instagram and Pinterest and see room after room after room of all white, or all grey rooms and think they should have the same. Then they feel as you said, like it is missing something. A pop of color in art, flowers, pillows, etc is a great place to start. I personally love collected rooms filled with pieces from family or that you have found in your travels. I am old fashioned, I love the look of an English country house with comfy sofas, piles of books and treasures. I like to see the places I have been or the people that I have loved in the things in my house.

    1. Thank you for your comment. We help our clients curate their homes to a comfort level they enjoy.

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