Fashion Inspired By One Of Our Interior Designs

Fashion and Interior Design Are Soul Sisters!


jodie'stouchofstyle and littleblackdomicile design inspiration
How to Take Room Inspiration for our Clothing Style

  You’ve gotta hop over to Jodie’s Touch Of Style Blog and learn more about how these outfits were inspired by one of our interior designs.  The comments on their blog show us all how much we love our fashions and designs.  Way too much fun for a Thursday!!

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4 thoughts on “Fashion Inspired By One Of Our Interior Designs”

    1. Oh my…they do have fun all the time! Not sure they follow a minimal closet approach tho…lol!

  1. I would have to say that minimal closet is not a term in our vocabulary..ha ha!!
    What a fabulous surprise to see in my email!!

    1. Nor should it be! Love it when all our passions are different. It’s what makes the perfect LBD!

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