Accessories Are The Finishing Touches Of An Interior Design

Accessories – It’s All About The Bling!

The Citizenry Black Marble Tray

We don’t have to say it, we love the idea of a LBD! That is, in our closet and in our homes.  What can make or break a LBD are the accessories.   It’s Friday Favorites so let’s finish the week with some fun!

Finishing Up The Interior’s Design

As designers, our main job is to help our clients build a foundation that will evolve with the addition of the personalized elements each client adds to their home.

In fashion, and design, we work towards a style that fits us.  A style that is comfortable, and yet at the same time, a bit edgy.  A style that belongs to us alone.  When someone says, “That’s so me!” we know we have done our job.


A Versatile Accessory Plan

This post finishes a two part collaboration with a fashion blogger  who knows all about making it personal.  On Wednesday we shared how the fashion choices of these three gals inspired some amazing interior designs.  Today we share the smaller items in a decor, the bling, that make it all “you”!

jodiestouchstyle Accessories with littleblackdomicile

The small furnishings of a space are like puzzle pieces.  Hard to tell from one piece what the total picture will be.  This is where using a designer can make all the difference in a decor.  Need a little confidence?  Give us a shout…helping you personalize your interior will be fun!

Universal Colors For Decor Accessories

With all the hues in the color spectrum, black and white are universal when looking at accessory combinations. They will be an asset in nearly every decor.  Leathers and textiles give us a color range from the ivories to the Cognacs.  Katherine Hepburn said every room needs a touch of red and Laurel thinks the same of turquoise.  Gray are the chameleons of the color world and the right shade is always a compliment to a decor.  Prints and patterns add so much, as for leopard, we consider it a neutral! Pick and choose, add and take away from accessories until the feeling is just right.  Until you have your Perfect LBD.

jodiestouchofstyle ladies in winter coats with littleblackdomicile

Thank’s again to the gals above and the photo that continues to inspire the accessories today.

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It’s Friday Favorites!


After working with our clients on a renovation project thru Laurel Bledsoe Design  , we are often asked to assist with the decor.  Our philosophy for decor is simple.  When you love something…let’s make it work!  The trends of the past few years have been somewhat restrictive.  Less is more and less color has been the rule.   From black to white, and every hue in between, color is so versatile.  It can be added or taken away in a decor.  It can be bold or subtle.  There can be a smidge of it or a whole boat load.  Regardless, one thing is certain, color is personal.  Color is the fashion accessory of interior design.

Heading To The Links

Note:  Below are the links to the inspired items in the design board above.   We do not represent any of these sources, nor are we paid to tell you we like them.  We simply want to share the info.  However, as a shameless plug, we will remind you that we’d love to help you with a quick littleblackdomicile virtual design package so you can have all the right bling too!

Pottery Barn Brussel Round Wood Mirror

Pottery Barn Mirror

Pink Jacket Wall Art

Leopard And Black Wall Art

Red And Blonde Wall Art

visual-comfort-ah3125byr-pl Alexa Hampton Lamp

Alexa Hampton Lamp

The citizenry sierra rug

Sierra Rug

luisaviaroma leopard candle


CB2 kalahari-striped-basket-1

Kalahari Basket

Cusco Pillow

Large Knit Throw

Red Blush Pillow


Leather Ottoman


Small Table

Did you miss Wednesday’s post Good Interior Design Is Timeless ?  Not too late to catch up and see how some chicks in their winter coats got us seeing red during this month of romance.

Also on Wednesday, Jodie’s Touch Of Style, post used our design, in the dining are below, to get inspired for their outfits of the day.  It’s always so much fun to see how each of us can see things in such unique ways.  There truly is a Perfect LBD for each of us…in our closets and in our homes!

littleblackdomicile and laurelbledsoedesign orange and gray infused dining room


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