The Kitchen Table-Bring It Back Please!

What Did We Do Before We Had Kitchen Islands?

ultimatechristoph farm house kitchen table on brick floor in white kitchen

Long before there were central islands in a kitchen we had these things called kitchen tables and they were smack dab in the middle of the room.  Many of us in the over 50 group have all kinds of memories of all the life that happened around these tables.  What about you…did you grow up around a kitchen table?

charcuterie-board- on what tablecloth with melon drink apartment 34


The Kitchen Table Returns!

Ironically, we can’t find any written documentation about when islands took the place of a central kitchen table.  Best we can find is that it all started with the idea of a peninsula and morphed into islands consistently sometime in the 80’s.  In any case, for more than a generation some folks have never experienced what it means to have a kitchen table right in the middle of all the action.

But hang on!  Let’s take a look at how amazing these designs are that are making the table the super star again.  While we are at it, how about a few photos of the types of food we can imagine enjoying on these tables.

Doreen+Chambers+Luxury+Interior+Design+Brooklyn+NYC+-+Interior+Design+-+Kitchens-+Open+Shelves+or+Cabinets-kitchen table with mixed metal and painted chairs

Hard to decide what to look at first in this kitchen with so many interesting features. The worn wood, family friendly table with a mix of metal and painted vintage chairs is spot on perfect.  Soups on!

heartbeetkitchen creamy bowls of soup with olive oil on the surface with pine nuts

We don’t even mind the fact that it would be hard to have an island in this narrow kitchen.  Not with all the seating and work surface this table and chairs offer in this attractive architectural kitchen.  What type of cheese is your favorite?

compass-rose-kitchen-makeover-kitchen table

brooklyn slate co cheese board

Loving the white washed farm table and outdoor freshly painted green chairs in the center of this charming kitchen.  Spring melons are calling us!

Miserv with painted kitchen table with green garden chairs


Lastly, you can have your cake and a beautifully artistic kitchen too.  Look at all the detail in this small space that lets the table and chairs take center stage.

dam-images-decor-2015-06-designers-kitchens-interior-designers-kitchen-style-architectural digest-kitchen table with woven chairs

So what about you?  Ready to give a kitchen table a new life?

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14 thoughts on “The Kitchen Table-Bring It Back Please!”

  1. Hi Laurel, we never had an island in the kitchen but there is something so welcoming and cosy about people gathering around a table for a meal and a chat! Lxx

  2. Such beautiful photos Laurel! I love my kitchen table … I wouldn’t mind an island too though! We have great memories of gathering around for dinner every night with our girls. Now, Jim and I often sit at the counter just the two of us.

    1. Same here and I miss the table dinners. Silly, all we have to do is move over there from the counter!!

  3. Love the combo metal chairs and painted vintage ones. I would like to do this for my Maine cottage. What do you think? To break up all the wood everywhere…

    1. Yes this would be a great design for your cottage. They are not always as comfy as other chairs and can be a tad chilly for a few seconds. The do stack nicely tho and we use them often as auxillary chairs.

  4. I love the kitchens but wish you would show kitchens with an electric range…seems all kitchens have these fantastic gas ranges which are out of my price range!

    1. Point taken and we will look for some amazing kitchens with electric. I personally have induction and I think you can see it in the “living large under 2000′” post. Ranges seem to be like cars anymore…so personal!

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