No Man Is An Island…Unless He’s In The Kitchen

We All Want To Own An Island!

pinterest DIY white open wood island with slab wood top

Most of the definitions of an island include the word isolation. Most say an island is something detached from other things.  Technically all this is true.  However, don’t you think an island in the kitchen is just the opposite of all this?  We do.

It’s Friday Favorites!

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On Wednesday we talked about The Kitchen Table-Bring It Back Please! We really enjoyed hearing from so many of you in the comments and thru emails.  Seems we all have some nice memories of kitchen table time!  To finish up the week, let’s talk about the other center piece in our kitchens and look at some of our favorites.  Large, small, built-in or freestanding, an island is a desired feature in most kitchens.  We all love them!

Built In Kitchen Islands

Larger kitchen islands are generally planned within the cabinet design of a kitchen.  Configured with storage, and the possibility of sinks and cooktops, these units are built to stay.   These workhorses can be pretty amazing!

bloglovin black modern kitchen island

decor kitchen stone island with sink and induction cooktop

vintageindustrialstyle stainless steel kitchen island


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Freestanding Kitchen Islands

A freestanding island is one that is not built-in and can be moved.  There is not a sink or range top in this type of island.  Along with a work surface, these attractive pieces in a kitchen can offer additional open storage and seating.  Smaller than built-in cabinet islands yet so design savvy!

a perfect gray wood and industrial piping island


mydomaine marble top island with wood shelves and pipe legs


house beautiful distressed wood small kitchen island


kitchenhacksnow butcher block island


“Can We Have An Island In Our Small Rented Apartment?”-jc

Of Course!

Portable islands are very popular in rental units because they can be used multiple ways.  Take a look at the example in the photo below and the suggestions we found to make this happen in your kitchen.


Screen Shot 2018-02-24 at 1.51.46 PM

Portable Island with Storage

Screen Shot 2018-02-24 at 1.55.05 PM

Storage Baskets


An Island Brings Everyone Together

No matter what type of island we may have in our kitchens, it’s easy to imagine our friends and families gathered around them making new memories over and over again.  What’s detached or isolated about that?!

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