The Sunday Spy 3.10.18

We Spy With Our Designer Eye

kitchen with orange range-4x4 tile splash-hanging pedant light-white-gray-charcoal cabinet colors-mantel range hood via tom


This Savor Sunday

See What We Love About This Design

Each Sunday we’ll share a design that caught our eye and we took some time to savor.  This week let’s look at this kitchen shared via At first glance we see this fabulous tangerine range.  With a closer look, we also see so many other intriging details!

We Spy With Our Designer Eye….

littleblackdomicile laurel dress

  • an inviting kitchen with so many different things going on that it all makes sense…we want to be in this space!
  • a knock your socks off, tangerine range with an even grate top for added “sit” space, dual ovens, possible warming drawers and the added glory of brass details
  • true, untreated brass taps allowed to age naturally at the ribbed, porcelain farm sink
  • a multi height plank wood ceiling, painted in a soft yet bright white paint, with tiny pinlight recessed lighting
  • polished, easy maintenance concrete flooring accented with a favorite area runner
  • cabinets in 3 colors, medium gray drawer stack to left of range, light gray in the door cabinet bases, a rich charcoal gray for the island and the upper wall cabinet just peeking into the photo in upper right corner
  • wonderfully used, multi size cutting boards positioned behind the range top
  • more plank wood in the custom size, mantel designed exhaust hood with a trophy of a successful fishing expedition
  • series of wood counter boxes for regularly used oils, vinegars, salts and such-anyone else remember Nehi soda?
  • tall washed white auxillary storage in an adjoining freestanding wardrobe
  • a crooked old brass fixture hanging on the wall and the cord of the pendant light that lets us know it’s ok for a little wabi-sabi everywhere
  • a tin jar of bow and arrows makes a cool accessory with a school flag and framed watercolor balancing it all
  • coffee, tea and a green glass water bottle looks like this space is ever ready for some “me time” beverages
  • cut grooves in the honed marble counter top make an instant drainboard-can’t you just smell some fresh produce laying there with the dirt still circling in the sink?
  • a mortar and pestal on call for the spices of the day grinding, or maybe a bit of guacamole?
  • cabinet over the only stainless appliance, the refrigerator, is aerated with small holes, dw is paneled and then there is that range again!!!
  • 4×4, not subway, white splash tiles with the softest of gray grout make this simple tile so design oriented
  • a barefoot Mom, hair in ponytail, with jeans and t-shirt going about her weekend day
  • a Dad spinning his little boy all around the room
  • a couple sharing the cooking and clean up after an ordinary work day meal
  • the backpack on the counter, ready for the day out because this kitchen is so user friendly it does not take much maintenance

Savor This Sunday!

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6 thoughts on “The Sunday Spy 3.10.18”

    1. Thank you…as a fellow blogger…we both know how much we enjoy all this and yet how much passion it takes to pull it off each week!

  1. You always see so much more in these photos than I can imagine…and I love it.
    An orange oven? Who would’ve thunk? But it screams look at me, and for any real cook, that’s the best!!!
    Happiest of Sundays!!

    1. We have been ahead of the curve for years with painted appliances. We use an auto body shop to help us be creative. Once we had an entire kitchen in pink…it was amazing and stood the test of time…still going today. Good design is everywhere!

  2. Great post, Laurel – I love these Savor Sunday posts and look forward to them every Sunday. How fabulous is that orange range?!! Lxx

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