5 Reasons Why Good Designers Don’t Take Every Project


It’s Monday and you all know how we try to start off each week with something Motivational.  Boy, do I need it this week.

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Last week, late in the evening to boot, I got a call from a friend of a very good client.  This gentleman was upset because we were unable to take on his design project.  He wanted to know “what he needed to do to qualify as one of our clients”.  And this was just the first sentence of the conversation.



This post is not going to have lots of fantastic images of good design we usually have in each post.  You know what photos I am talking about, the ones that we are so excited about that we can’t wait to get to our desks on Monday and start another week helping our clients create the perfect LBD in their homes.  No, today is going to be a reminder to myself, and the younger people on our team, that good designers do not take every project.

Reason # 1

Unreasonable Expectations

A client who believes that the cost of a project, and the amount of time to complete the work, are lower and shorter than in reality.  Good designers provide firm cost estimates with accurate timelines.  We have ongoing, valued relationships with resources and years of experience to assure our clients we can perform.

Reason # 2

Not Trusting The Design Process

Designers follow set procedures to make sure every detail is considered when presenting the best options for a project.  Clients asking us to eliminate a phase in the process, because they do not think it necessary, prevents us from doing the best job possible.

Reason # 3

Having Preset Notions Of A Bad Design

Clients who come in with a locked mindset, and bad design ideas, do not need a designer.  They can implement an unsuccessful project without us and save the cost of our design fees.

Reason # 4

Expecting Us To Be On Call 24/7

People who call late in the evenings, and on weekends without some preset agreement, often do not respect an independent designer’s personal time.  We work longer hours than most larger firms, and welcome calls from our valued clients early evenings and weekends.  It’s a red flag if we get called to be chewed out before we are actually hired!

Reason # 5

Not Valuing Our Services

Prospective clients are referrals from our existing clients.  These clients are happy with our designs, as well as our performance implementing their projects.  Our fees are the same for each project.  The prospective client who asks us to reduce our fees is not ready to retain the professional services of a designer.  Telling us you can’t afford our fees does not instill confidence that you will be able to afford the more costly project itself.

Quality Performance And A Positive Attitude Applies To More Than Just Design

8:57 am post update-the emails have started coming in and it seems this post is indeed turning out to be motivational!  So we are going to add one more quote and then we are off to happily meet this week head on!  Thank you…our wonderful readers.


Why To Hire An Interior Designer

Well, you have probably been able to get a feel for what we graciously listened to during the rest of that conversation.  Bottom line is that our small firm takes pride in performing to levels more than expected.  Taking a project knowing we will not be able to do our best means we have to pass on a project where we can perform to our standards.  We understand that hiring an interior designer is not for everyone.  However, when considering design services we’d like to share more about what we can do in the link below.  All of us at laurel bledsoe design    love what we do!

Do I Need A Designer

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Before we go, just had to leave you with a favorite home featured on Becki Owen’s Pinterest Page.  This house looks like the entire team got along just peachy!

We I will be off our my soapbox on Wednesday….lot’s of good design promised!

See you then!












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8 thoughts on “5 Reasons Why Good Designers Don’t Take Every Project”

  1. I think it takes getting older and experience to realize that some jobs are not worth the stress. This took me years to realize when I was in dentistry. But life is too short to work with some people…

    1. Yes wisdom does come with age and also in some that are simply wise for their age! Our industry deals with a clients largest and we have to be able to perform. Would we come to you and say we want a beautiful, healthy smile but you can’t use any of the tools of your trade? That’s like asking for an ugly smile!! I can see I am still on the slippery box this am.

  2. This is so interesting because so many people think they have to take every job, especially when they are younger, and to “take” everything a client says and demands. I am happy to see that in your industry as in many others the people who are a pain are the people that often are not worth it at ny cost.

    1. Ironically, we have had a few of our best clients start off a tad controlling. However, when they get comfortable with our procedures and see results they become our greatest cheerleaders. Building, or renovating, is a stressful time for everyone….even when excited. We take all this into consideration and understand.

    1. We want to please all of our clients thus why we have to sometimes be firm when we know we can’t perform.

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