Do Blondes Have More Fun…In The Bathroom?

Thinking Outside The Big White “Bathroom” Box

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Has anyone noticed that in the last year or so, the idea of a minimalistic decor has evolved?  Not as many of us want an “all white” decor….even in the bathroom.

Yes, we have had an overload of white in our decor for the past few years.  White tiles, white countertops, white vanities and every color of white wall paint we can imagine.  White, white, white!  We love it…don’t we?  Well, maybe we are kinda over it. (gasp!)

Warming Up A White Bathroom with “Blonde” Woods

Don’t panic.  Using white in our home’s interior design is not going anywhere.  However, lately, we are talking with clients who are wanting to warm things up a bit.  How about adding some lighter, warm woods to the sea of white?  Do Blondes Have More Fun…let’s see!

Blonde Wood Bathroom Accessories

onlydecolove bathroom-openraw wood shelving-bath accessories -8x8 white wall tiles

Simple additions like this open shelf unit are an easy way to quickly make some changes to your bath.  Blonde, raw, unfinished.  Call these lighter woods whatever you like as you warm up a white decor.

Warm Woods And White Bathroom Design

Is a bath renovation in your future?  Building a new home with multiple baths?  Perhaps you too will want to consider mixing in some warm woods into the new bath’s design.  Not convinced yet?  Take a look at these four bathrooms that show us how wonderful woods can be in our white baths!

bria hammel bathroom design-freestanding tub-ribbed warm wood vanity-brass faucets-waterfall marble counter tops

Look at the ribbed detail on these vanities!

gravity home bathroom-elevated vanity-wall mount faucet-open medicine cabinet

Not sure what we like best, the dovetail vanity drawers or the open medicine cabinet!

NYDE Bathroom Design-Light Stained Cabinets-White Vessel Bowl - Small Pattern Tile Tall Backsplash-Wall Mounted Faucet

Oh my!  This splash!

Tiffany Harris Design Warm Woods -Patterned Tile Floor- Bathroom Design

What a perfect tile for this wood vanity.

Happy Hump Day!

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12 thoughts on “Do Blondes Have More Fun…In The Bathroom?”

  1. What a refreshing change! And can we get over the white couches and side chairs, too? They aren’t practical for your average family with small children and pets. Nevertheless, I love your posts, Kristen.

    1. Thank you! Everyone can have good design and it comes in so many shapes and colors! For anyone who loves a more white decor, and has pets/kiddo’s…there are good choices for this too. Let us show you how!

  2. Even for a minimalist, all white can get too much sometimes! Those little details you’ve highlighted really elevate these rooms to a whole other level! Lxx

    1. And…may we say…we have done some bath renovations where we transformed some existing, how do we say, builder grade cabinets that clients thought had to go!

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