It’s Real Blarney…We Love Green In Interiors!

We’re Green With Envy Again

monsieurbleu-mossy green velvet bench-velvet chair-mirrored wall-sconces

Monsier Blue Restaurant

Ever been pinched because you misinterpreted the shade of green acceptable to wear on this upcoming holiday?  In honor of St. Patrick, we will be sharing some of our favorite interiors that know what it means to be “wearin ‘o the green”.  Go ahead and pinch us…we have thick skin!

Would You Kiss The Blarney Stone?

Blarney Castle- Blarney Stone Meaning-

Because I have a true, Irish friend I know things.  One, it is almost impossible to actually kiss the Blarney Stone unless you are an acrobat.  Two, if you do kiss the masonry, it does not mean you have the gift of gab bestowed on you.  It means you know how to swing it!

“Blarney is something more than mere flattery.

It is flattery sweetened by humor and flavored by wit.

Those who mix with Irish folk have many

examples of it in their everyday experience”

~ John O’Connor Power (1846 – 1919)

It’s Friday Favorites

littleblackdomicile laurel dress

Here’s How We See Our Favorite Green Interiors

Green is the color most inspired by nature.  Look all around and we see bright greens, gray greens, blue greens and so many more hues of this true color.  Remember the color spectrum?  ROY G BIV?  We are betting the middle initial of this guy is “Glorious”!  Remember this past post Interiors That Make Us Green With Envy 

ryan korban design- gray green living room-large green art over fireplace-brass fireplace surround

Above we see warm, subtle gray green walls as the backdrop for a brillant, multiple shades of green, large piece of art.  Look at all the other pieces of interest in this design and I bet you still zero in on the greens!

gisbert poppler kitchen-minty green base cabinets-dual gas cooktop-brass hanging hooks-vintage white wall cabinet

I’m just going to come right out and say it….Americans are just too boring with our kitchen designs sometimes.  Why is this when we can have a decor that is inviting, classic and so much more fun like this one above?

What’s Your Favorite Shade Of Green?

littleblackdomicile kristen dress

Minty Blue Green

elle decoration- Cuisine-vert-d-eau-minty green cabinets-statement lighting

Kelly, Grass Green

paperinstitchblog-kelly green tile fireplace wall-rattan chairs-paper globe lights

Velvet Mossy Green

mydomaine bedroom-mossy green velvet bedfellow and green stems

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Bon Weekend!

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4 thoughts on “It’s Real Blarney…We Love Green In Interiors!”

  1. I’ve always loved green, in fact our master bedroom at our previous house was painted a dark green!! I always thought it was so calming and reminded me of a garden!!!
    Enjoy your weekend, Laurel!!

    1. Green is a neutralizer. Even clients who say they do not “like” green do like certain shades of the hues. This weekend…everyone likes green, right!! Happy St Pat’s Day and so nice it’s on a weekend!

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