Oooooh Baby We Love Your Nursery!

Sometimes The Tiny Ones Have The Best Rooms

pixaby smiling baby in white blanket

Look at this charmer!  No doubt he is so happy because his Momma prepared the perfect little LBD for his nest.   Join us this Friday and see some of our Favorite nursery designs.

Who Needs A Nursery?

More humans are born in September than any other month.  As a mater of fact, we learned that the 30th of this month is the most common birthday.  Good trivia question to impress your friends.  Anyway, this means there is a lot of nurseries being planned about this time.

littleblackdomicile laurel dress

Personalizing Your Favorite Person’s Nursery

We don’t design too many complete nursery plans.  We encourage our soon to be parents to personalize this special place because we know some of the best DIY accomplishments come from love.  We do welcome the opportunity to “listen” and be a resource for our clients during this special time.

Often our clients will send us an inspiration photo, such as these three nursery designs that are each unique and just perfect in their own ways.  We will make suggestions of where to find similar items they can use to achieve the same concepts without copying.  We’ve done concept boards, with product links, to show you what we do with our DIYers in our Virtual Design Packages After all, that new little one is going to be a one of a kind! (or two, or three of a kind and then you are going to need a bigger boat!)

Let’s Oooh and Ahhh

Like the idea of a neutral color palette you can warm up with a few soft colors?

all white nursery home deco.m
littleblackdomicile all white nursery mood board of accessories
The Friendly Elephant Nursery!

elephant rocker     mobile     canvas bin     stool     round rug     pack of throws

What about using the calming colors of the outdoors?

domino cute cacti nursery
littleblackdomicile cute cacti nursery furnishings
The Cute Cacti Nursery!

crib     rocker     hide rug      floor lamp         basket          antler hooks         pillow

More traditional but want a little twist to the pink (or blue)?

psinteriorsgroup pretty in pink nursery
littleblackdomicile pretty in pink nursery furnishings
Pretty In “The New” Pink Nursery!

canvas bin    area rug    dresser     chandelier      bunny       pack of pillows      art

Too Hard To Choose A Favorite Today!

pixaby teddy with camera on periwinkle blue chair

See Our Pinterest Board On What Comes After The Nursery

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    1. No we should not grow out of fun, nor should we wait until we need bed rails again to make our bedrooms our sanctuaries!

    1. Agree and no mater the design of the nursery…as soon as the little one arrives the room is filled with love!

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