The Sunday Spy 4.15.18

We Spy With Our Designer Eye

my domaine living room with built in cube shelves -turquoise rug-modern art


This Savor Sunday

See What We Love About This Design

Each Sunday we’ll share a design that caught our eye and we took some time to savor.  Sophisticated and cozy in the same design are no problem in this living room shared via mydomaine.  At first glance we see a place we’d all like to be on a lazy Sunday morning.  With a closer look, we see a combination of lush blues and the idea of adding in a little glam!

We Spy With Our Designer Eye….

littleblackdomicile laurel dress

  • custom asymmetrical bookshelves with black painted interiors adding contrast against the crisp white walls
  • dusty wood plank flooring
  • readily available style neutral sofa made custom with decorative pillows
  • oh my…the silky turquoise area rug!
  • the extended crown and base moldings so subtle in the same color as the wall
  • large modern art, brings colors that seem to spill onto the walls, in a lacquered dark frame and metal inlaid bead
  • collected vases, in black, white and some glorious blues, fill the custom bookshelves along with a scattering of books
  • brass accents on the floor lamp, side table, and decorative accessories give us bling in just the right amount
  • the modern stone cocktail table offers such beautiful textures
  • both black and pink lilies show us the dwellers classic choice of florals
  • a barefoot, pony tailed career gal, with coffee, researching the weekends local tag sales to add to the small ceramics collection
  • jazzy tunes playing in the background as same gal spreads out all these wonderful stacks of picture books to relive the experience of why she bought them
  • with the black lamp shade glowing, a young couple stealing a few minutes to unwind after getting the little ones in the family down for the night
  • a small gathering of community volunteers planning the next event
  • the big lug of the family dog longingly looking at the sofa he knows he is not allowed on…sorry boy!

Savor This Sunday!

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4 thoughts on “The Sunday Spy 4.15.18”

  1. I absolutely love the painted back of those shelves—-it really makes the area stand out!!!
    I’ve done that with larger alcoves, but never shelves like this…..thanks for that inspiration. I’ll be pinning that!!!

    1. Keeps up with our week’s theme that paint is such a great decor asset when used the right way and with the right color. In this case, we have to say to think inside the box!

    1. Yes…a little (or a lot in this case) in every decor finishes a space!

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