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 Decompressing 101

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Last week our design firm hosted, or were part of, three open house marketing events.  Each of these took place after our normal 10 hour days of seeing clients, meeting with contractors, implementing projects and completing installations.  Mr. LBD, aka Mr. Social, even traveled to join in all the activities.  Needless to say, yours truly needed a few days of decompressing.

Nothing Like The Beach For Decompressing

Most of us consider spending time seaside with the waves lapping at our feet relaxing.  Especially when you have an “ocean boy” who has already set up your chic black and white umbrella, reclining lounge chair and fluffy white towel.  All you have to bring is your favorite beverage and beach read.  Mr. LBD could sit and stare at the sea for hours.  In five minutes I am bored to tears and mad I spent all that time applying sunscreen.  This is why years ago we chose to try Rosemary Beach and it has become our favorite compromise.

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Rosemary Beach, Florida

This community in Northern Florida is unlike any other in the state.  Honestly, the planned architecture feels more European than any other development we’ve seen in Florida.  In bathing suits, or jeans, the dappled sun and slight breeze keeps everyone happy.  The grass is green, the flowers vibrant and just look at the blue sky!  As perfect as this all is, it does not compare to the architecture that graces every inch of the beautiful property.

The Architecture Of Rosemary Beach

The architecture here is so amazing that if someone said I could have any of the homes…I simply could not choose.  Strolling the boardwalks, which all eventually lead to the sea, one can’t help but stop and admire one property after the other.  There is a sense here that no one is competing with one another, only all happy to be a part of such a special place.

rosemary beach florida perfect for decompressing

Click On The Slide Show Below And Decompress With Us!

Cheers To My Favorite Decompressing Parnter!

Rose' and Rosemary Beach


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