It’s Friday…Let’s Organize!

Purge, Edit, Lighten Up, Whatever You Call It…Ready to Organize?

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Perhaps you read this week that the IRS extended the tax due date by a day because the online payment system was not working.  This is a nice way to say someone, some entity probably hacked in, or tried to hack into the system.  Hacking, which we use to think it meant a bad cough, is an everyday occurrence now.  In fact, this silly little blog was shut down more this week than any other due to “online difficulties”.  Thank goodness we have a wonderful host and IT team that got it all corrected.  However, it meant that Wednesday’s post, Decompressing With Architecturewas not able to be opened by some of our loyal readers.  It also meant that we were unable to get today’s Friday Favorites post ready.  So today, we invite you to stroll back with us and a few of your favorite past posts about ways to organize.

Three Posts On Ways To Organize…Or Not!

The Container Store Closet

Unconventional Closets-Click Here To Read The Post


How Our Homes Can Reduce Stress – Click Here To Read The Post


Julia Child Quote - If you are afraid of butter use cream!

Cookbook’s- Why Do We Have So Many?-Click Here To Read The Post


Here’s To An Organized Weekend!

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4 thoughts on “It’s Friday…Let’s Organize!”

    1. Thank goodness for hotspots on our smart phones….what would we do without them?!

  1. Laurel, how incredibly annoying for you and I’m so glad you got back on track so quickly. Many thanks for the mention, sincerely appreciated 😀 I enjoyed re-reading these posts, what a good idea! Lxxx

    1. We got so many emails when we were down…I knew we had to do something!! What great readers, like you, we have!

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