The Sunday Spy 4.29.18

We Spy With Our Designer Eye

domaine spanish style home -terra cotta tile roof- aqua pool-white stucco walls-black window frames- bougevilla-potted plants-round gutters


This Savor Sunday

See What We Love About This Design

Each Sunday we’ll share a design that caught our eye and we took some time to savor.  It’s time to start dreaming of outdoor spaces like this one shared via domaine.  At first glance all we see is this pool!  With a closer look, we see all the details that make us want to lounge away a Sunday here.

We Spy With Our Designer Eye….

  • two stories of this glorious spanish-style home
  • big dark framed windows and french doors with wrought-iron details
  • patterned tiles in the pool peaking from the clear turquoise water
  • warm terra-cotta stone pavers under bare feet with summer pedicures
  • a wonderful space for sharing when entertaining guests or a private oasis for relaxing and reading
  • exposed bulb hanging lights add ambiance for night time use
  • lush landscaping climbing up the house and in aged containers
  • how about a cinco de mayo derby party?  Yep, they are the same day this year!
  • red clay roof tops give the home a warm, earthy, rustic look even if it might be in the middle of a city
  • simple white stucco walls is always perfect
  • slender iron gutter supports are just divine
  • deep eaves get better with each season of weathering
  • potted red geraniums, so classic
  • the weekend gardener’s hat waits on the wood peg of the pergola
  • large, swivel wicker seating so comfy when sitting on our feet with our favorite drink
  • the calico cat perching on the garden shed wall
  • a little one with a banana popsicle leaning on the ottoman
  • guitar music in the background coming from an inside sound system
  • a working couple, she in her LBD and he with his oxford sleeves rolled up, talking about the future with a bottle of red
  • the royal blue towel waiting for the lap swimmer to finish up


Savor This Sunday!

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9 thoughts on “The Sunday Spy 4.29.18”

    1. Great architecture looks good in every season…and this one is no exception! Kristen knows how to spot them.

  1. Hi Laurel, I love all the different shades of blue you’ve been showcasing lately. We’ve had the turquoise, then the periwinkle and now literally swimming-pool-blue! It’s so fresh and makes me feel spring is finally within touching distance! Lxx

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