Are You Ready For A Yellow Door?

Sultry and Sunny Yellow Doors

aranah old small yellow door in brick plastered wall

Recently I was asked if there was a color I did not like.  At first this seemed like a fairly simple question and I nearly spouted off…”yellow”.  Thank goodness I stopped myself before I had to go back and eat my words.  Do I really not like the color yellow?

Mellow Yellow

Frankly, during the late 90’s and well into 2000, yellow in decor was overdone.  We used to take bets amongst the crews what color our homeowners would want.  Lantern yellow, lantern glow, light lantern, golden lantern, night lantern all meant some kind of “yellow” that we could never actually find in a natural setting.  Once on the walls, the colors were nondescript and a bit….boring. (personal opinion)  Maybe these yellow paints were too mellow.

So to answer the question properly, and be able to defend myself from all the emails I will get asking “what’s wrong with yellow”?, I like yellow that is found in nature.  Actually, I like all colors that “come from” something.  Nature and food are my two go to sources for color inspiration.

Clean, Crisp Yellow

sawmill hostel- yellow flowers-tin can planter- wood cheese boards-orange juice- coffee cups

The photo above is from one of my favorite pieces of architecture and interior design combined, The Sawmill Hostel in Sweden.  That reminds me, I need to go find the photos from that article and share them.   Anyway, in this photo we see a pretty spicy little yellow posy coupled with tangy orange juice.  I can understand and relate to the yellow here.  The yellow sets the mood and welcomes me to sit on that step and enjoy.

Using Yellow To Welcome The World

Last week Kristen talked about using a color that is often overlooked, Periwinkle…A Favorite Color In Fashion and Decor  Did you see the post?  Perhaps I have let my personal experience with too many “lanterns” in my past shade my view of some beautiful golden hues.  Since it is also the season where we get calls about new colors for front door freshen ups, I want to share some of these inspirational beauties.

Note:  The paint colors below are not the colors on the doors shown.  However, all three are colors from Benjamin Moore that are making me a pretty sunny gal again!

houzzgardenstudio yellow dutch door-white shiplap siding-washed brick porch-black lanterns

We shared this dutch door on our Instagram Page this week.  Big hit.  What’s not to like about this welcoming entry?  Black, white and the burst of sunshine with this door!

Benjamin Moore 314 Imperial Yellow
Benjamin Moore 314 Imperial Yellow

A yellow door?  This got me thinking that maybe our neighbors across the pond have used a this paint color on doors for centuries.  Yep.  Take a look.

olhao, algarve, portugal-yellow door- carved stone door frame-door knockers-mail slot in door- lattice window panes


visby gotland sweden- yellow double door- windows-cat on stone steps

Benjamin Moore 174 Sunflower Fields
Benjamin Moore 174 Sunflower Fields


Benjamin Moore 2155-30 Marigold
Benjamin Moore 2155-30 Marigold

Historical architecture is always an inspiration.  It’s almost like we get immediate confirmation that what we want to do with our homes decor is justified.  Isn’t this home below wonderful!

house beautiful yellow door- gray house-brick steps

And look, two yellow paint colors that make yours truly feel better since they are named after flowers I can relate to!



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  1. That is funny that you first thought of yellow as a color that you do not like because it is my least favorite color. BUT, then I see it in the right setting and I love it! Especially an old beautiful yellow door in PAris. I currently have a black door but I am contemplating a move to blue, and suggestions.

  2. Gorgeous photos as always. I’m never usually drawn to yellow but when I see these photos, I think – why not? Lxx

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