Buying Our Own Mother’s Day Gifts


How To Get The Mother’s Day Gift You Want

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Mother’s Day is this Sunday.  And whether or not you are a mother, we’ve all got one thing in common, we came from one.  It’s a special day all around the world and with the celebrations comes the notion of gift giving. What kind of gifts does your mother like?  In our family this was a loaded question.  Maybe it is in your family as well?

Early Mother’s Day Gifts

holicoffee-tin can-daisy

My first memory of a gift for Mom on her special day, was cleaning out a tin can to take to school to be decorated with construction paper that was to hold a live flower on that designated Sunday.  Honestly, I have no idea what flower made it into the can by the designated Sunday, but I do remember drawing flowers on the can so I am sure it was a wonderful gift.

Next memory is of Mom saying that anything with a plug is not considered a Mother’s Day Gift.  Fast forward many years, and I hate to admit it but I like household gifts.  Plugs optional.

Getting Organized Is A Great Gift




Ok, back to the reason you see a silverware drawer on the Mother’s Day lead photo of today’s post.  It’s a bit of a story, but hang in there because I know there are silverware sisters out there that will relate.

Since moving to Florida we have had problems with brown “rust” spots on our silverware.  Also, let me confess right now, I am a silverware snob.  Flatware has to “feel” good, be weighted just right, the fork tines actually have to pick up food and the spoon curve not slice open our lips.  Therefore, we own good utensils that have lasted years and even been requested by departing children.  So when we have a failure it irks me.

After 3 years of having to use steel wool to dry the silverware, not every time but often enough so that it is a pain, we concluded that we need to use that pesky slotted thingy in the dishwasher to allow each utensil to stand up and be individually addressed.  It’s got something to do with the new machines that don’t dry as well and the little babies “touching” each other during their bath.

To make matters worse, our beloved flatware had too chubby of handles and it was like a war getting them in those tiny slots. URGH!  Convenience appliances are not supposed to cause inconvenience.

Onieda Dupree Flatware

Skinny Handle Flatware – Our Choice!

We are now the happy owners of skinny silverware and follow the dishwasher manufacturer’s recommendations. (sticking tongue out). While this transition was happening, I admitted that my silverware organizer did not give me joy (another tongue out) and decided to give the new babies a new dry home as well.

Clear Storage Containers

Since I am bearing my soul today, I’ll also admit that about a year ago I admitted that clear storage is much more efficient.  Glass container storage is my choice for cooked food storage.  The food safe and heavy “plastics” are my new choice for other storage needs.  Below are the ones that now make my silverware joyful.  A main link is below to Amazon where you can navigate all over the place and find sizes that may also make you smile.  Note:  The designer in me did get out a tape measure and plot out what would work for my needs and in the drawer size.  A bonus, the stickers came off pretty easy.





Interdesign Clear Storage containers Click Here

Organization Is Motivational

One thing always leads to another right?  This week a pasta container fell out of the cabinet and made a mess.  I’m on a roll now, and this set of stackables is on my radar.  The set of 7 comes with labels and even a marker.  I may have to upgrade my beloved blue painters tape method.

amazon clear stackable pantry storage containers

7 Stackable Storage Containers – Click Here

If you are new to LBD, you may not have read our post It Takes A Village where we chat with our organization specialist in Louisville, KY,  Ashley Gude Cook.  She will be the first to tell you not to buy storage containers needlessly.  I will be the first to promote my mantra The “One In One Out” Rule To Staying Organized.  Since the old flatware and organizer promptly went to Goodwill, and all new containers are properly utilized, I am giving my self an A+ on my Mother’s Day Self Gifts!

Gift Certificates For Services

Nothing says “I Love You” like the gift of help!  Visit Ashley Organizes, and check out our Virtual Interior Design Packages. 

Did You Wear A Hat Last Weekend?


It’s not too late to take a look at how many ways fashion and interior design inspired each other during party week.  Heck, maybe you can get one more wear out of your bonnet on Mother’s Day!

Fantastic Derby Hats And Interior Design  

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9 thoughts on “Buying Our Own Mother’s Day Gifts”

  1. Hi Laurel, great post. I loved all the details about how you organise – it’s like peeping into someone else’s kitchen. I also use clear containers with labels – they make everything so much easier, Lxx

    1. I still hold out for the blue painters tape and a sharpie for labels…but I may be swayed with this 7 container set that comes with labels!

  2. You are a silverware snob…ha ha!! We haven’t gotten new silverware in ages…but it’s totally fun to update!
    I just saw a great post where someone used these silverware organizers for their prescription glasses!! That’s my next goal!!

    1. I can see that being used for glasses. I have several pairs and change them up as my accessories. I keep them all in same kind of black plastic case and write a description in silver (another sharpie!) so I can find them easily. For me the width of the silver organizer would be too big for my Ikea “hold it all” shelf. May have to do a post about that! Fondly-The Snob!

  3. Great post! Now I need to find clear, plastic herb/spice containers (larger not smaller) at a reasonable price. I recently found large, clear containers at Homegoods for my sugar and flour. A great start!

    1. Hit the link in the post today for the drawer containers then maneuver around Amazon. They have so many options and all reasonable.

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