The Sunday Spy 5.13.18

We Spy With Our Designer Eye


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This Savor Sunday

See What We Love About This Design

Each Sunday we’ll share a design that caught our eye and we took some time to savor.  Ready for a DIY vanity project like this one shared via a beautiful mess.  At first glance we are blushing a tad!  With a closer look, we see a perfectly personalized bath.

We Spy With Our Designer Eye….

littleblackdomicile laurel dress

  • white hexagon floor with dark grout, could be vintage or new
  • accenting the brass door knobs with new vanity hardware
  • speaking of hardware…love the long towel bar on the cabinet front!
  • much desired, carrara marble vanity countertop with rectangle undermount sink
  • an older vanity cabinet, with cathedral doors, restored and painted a light blush pink 
  • a little girls dream bathroom
  • simple white subway tile backsplash, in stack bond pattern, to the ceiling
  • framed white wall art…we have to guess what the subject is
  • the shade of white walls gives the hint of a “blush”
  • sunlight streaming from a large window
  • a fig plant hidden in the corner adding a decorative touch
  • dual lighting source for the soft brass wall sconces
  • lucky horse shoe hook on the door makes the perfect place to hang your towel or robe
  • ceramic white switch plates give us a little more texture
  • mixing in a little blue with the striped rug, soft tassels and patterns on the towels
  • a little girl putting on Mom’s lipstick in the mirror
  • the little brother who won’t get out of sissy’s tub
  • Dad looking for the hairbrush on a school morning
  • all the girls over for a sleep over playing beauty parlor


Savor This Sunday!

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    1. Choosing the right shade of pink can be tricky…this DIY’er nailed it!

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