The Management Of Our DeCluttering Efforts

Dana K White- How To Manage Your Home Without Losing Your Mind

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Management Systems For The Unmanageable

Thanks to social media, HGTV and blogs exactly like the one you are reading right now (!), we all think we should declutter.  Yes, clean up, clean out and enjoy the stress free life right?  Maybe those extremely stressful, marathon clean out sessions didn’t take at your house either.  Perhaps the reason is because so many of the how to books are written by organized people who frankly, must make organizing their hobby.  The book above is written by a gal who has the same philosophy as we do when designing a home.  Everyone has a system of how they operate.  Tweaking that system is the best way to manage clutter and get a little closer to finding that unicorn of the stress free life.


Motivational Monday

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If you build it they will come quote

Our design firm, laurelbledsoedesign, is contacted when a house, or business, has a problem.  We are not hired when a home works perfectly for the special people who reside there, or when a business is functioning at 110%.  Contrary to the ancient stereo type, that interior designers float in to discuss the latest color or decor trend, designers today have to be the workhorse of innovation.  Our job is to incorporate new, problem solving ideas with what is already working in a structure.  We will build it and your management system will come.

Laundry Management A Good Place To Declutter Every Week

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Those of us who travel for work know how important it is to have systems in place that basically “take care of us” on those precious days we are home and not doing our day jobs.   Laundry is one area that everyone has to deal with.  Nothing makes me feel more accomplished than having all the laundry clean and waiting in the closet for whatever its next assignment will be.  I have to think this feeling applys to most of us….even if we don’t have dual washer/dryers in our laundry areas! (we confess, we often design a laundry area with dual dryers to save a remarkable amount of time!)

This is one area where multi tasking is promoted in many of the DIY books out there.  For me, this means staying home and tackling all the other at home things on the To Do List.  For others, it might running errands while a load washes.  Love the reality in Dana K Whites Blog where she gives us a complete overview of her laundry day.  At the very least, her blog will give you something to read while you wait for that load to come out of the dryer and hang it up right away!

The Best Management System Is The One That Works For You


Happy Monday!

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7 thoughts on “The Management Of Our DeCluttering Efforts”

  1. I laughed at your comment about those who travel having a system in place, in my house my husband travels frequently and I am the system

    I am not a minamilist, nor is my husband, we have been collectors for the 20 years we have been together and I was way before that. I am the person who declutters, sometimes when he is not looking, I try to donate a bag a week of things I find that we are not using, typically its books and magazines.

    I think sometimes people get overwhelmed thinking they have to do it all at once, if you make a point of doing a little each day it is more manageable.

    1. A little at a time sounds like a system that works for you! I follow that one in one out rule 90% of the time that works for me. It’s so nice to learn that everyone has a method and ultimately it all leads to the peace we want to live with.

  2. I saw the funniest saying recently. It said “do you know there are people that actually put their clothes away the same day they wash them.” Trust me when I say, I’m not one of those people….eeek!!

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