Virtual Interior Design…Can It Work For You?

Oak and Canvas Deck Chairs

Online Shopping Made Easy With A Virtual Interior Design Plan

“We’ve decided to stay at home this summer and enjoy our home everyday instead of a vacation that only lasts a week.  Can you help us make our outdoor space fun without breaking the bank? “-SB

Make Everyday A Vacation With A Virtual Interior Design Plan

Lindsey Ellis Beatty-Rachael Burrow Beach Scene- Green Jeep-White Canvas Beach Chairs
Beach Inspiration!

Yes, my dear we’d love to help you make everyday a day at the beach in your own back yard!  This request for a quick virtual interior design project is so timely as we finish a week talking about all the colors of pink that can Make Us Blush! 

In our initial questionnaire session we learned a bit more about the scope of work.  Indeed, this savvy Mom is ready to fill up one kiddie pool with water, the other with sand and let her babes enjoy all the fun right at home and still be able to nap in their own beds.  Throw in a few friends and have a few outdoor picnics as well!  Time frame to accomplish is before school is out and budget approx. $1000.

littleblackdomicile Back Yard Or Beach Virtual Interior Design
Online Orders- Total $1041

Working from the inspiration photo we found to get us all in the summer fun mode, we proposed a fun in the sun concept board above.  With our virtual interior design packages, we also provide a complete shopping list for each item.  It’s as simple as a click to have your online purchase on it’s way.  Some clients ask us to use sources they like, and others leave it up to us to suggest items within the budget and currently available.

LBD Virtual Design packing Shop List
An Example of What Your Shopping List Will Look Like

Do Virtual Interior Design Packages Stay In Budget

Often clients do not know what they can accomplish within a set amount of money they wish to spend.  Some items purchased on line are low cost, and yes sometimes lesser quality.  At times, they are fantastic finds and can last a long time.  We learn as much as we can about how the items will be used and then make recommendations to fit the goal.

Very close to the budget, the plan above has a portable light weight table, 2 beach chairs and 2 floor cushions easy to set up anywhere.  A washable beach towel as a rug, and turkish towel throw. A vintage looking picnic basket to keep the reusable “paper” plates and napkins always ready.  A pair of insulated tumblers and this rad cooler keep things at the right temps. Finishing up with a woven tote for all the electronics to make it outside.  (Be real…they are part of how we live now!)

Working With Existing Furnishings In A Virtual Design Plan

Screen Shot 2018-05-18 at 1.06.17 PM

After looking our recommendations, our client remembered she has this Pottery Barn 6′ umbrella she purchased last season in the natural canvas.  She says it is really too small for the table she thought it would work with  and wondered if we can use it as well.  Of course!  How nice to have a little shade wherever you need it.   She also loved the idea of the beach towels as rugs and said she had “oodles” of them.   These great chairs come in a variety of colors and also have a footrest option that makes them in to a chaise.

oak and canvas beach chairs

Twister Oak and Canvas Chairs


Selecting Online Items That Will Evolve

Online shopping has been a “thing” for sometime now.  Human nature is to relocate, or at the very least, reconfigure our surroundings as our needs change.  Good interior design should evolve with us and when purchase made on line we thought might be temporary can do the same…we are thrilled.

Same Chairs…Another Perfect LBD!

littleblackdomicile - back yard or balcony - virtual design concept board
R&R for two – Under $800

Virtual Interior Design

littleblackdomicile dresses

Inspired by a design you see but not sure how to incorporate it into your decor?   Let us help you start your design with a plan now!


STIL Inspirations - Black and White Outdoor Balcony

If you have never worked with any interior designer before, perhaps because you think it can be too expensive ,(admit it..we can take it!) we’d love to have the opportunity to chat with you about how we can become your designer.  You can learn more about our services by clicking here.

Better yet, shoot us an email and let’s chat a bit about what you want to accomplish and we will let you know how we can help.


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