The Sunday Spy 5.20.18

gretchen black- foyer- gray arch door- patterned wood floor- gold statement lighting-wood wall panels

We Spy With Our Designer Eye

Each Sunday we’ll share a design that caught our eye and we took some time to savor.  Architectural details, like the ones shared via Gretchen Black in this amazing foyer, can inspire the interior design of a home.  At first glance we see an entry just waiting for the finishing touches. With a closer look, we see this space is perfect without a single furnishing!

Ooooh…Here’s What I Love About This Design!

littleblackdomicile laurel dress

  • a perfectly proportioned single arch top door
  • soft daylight coming thru the 12 window panes
  • the sophisticated farm-house door detail works seamlessly with the half wall of beaded board
  • applied panel molding creates a custom chair rail
  • bright white trim paint companions with barely there gray walls and the door a few shades deeper
  • brass door knob and plate mixes with bronze hinges
  • glossy ceramic white switch plate covers
  • oh, the detail of the diamond pattern inset into the distressed, washed wood flooring
  • full inset wainscot detail on the interior door casings
  • not one, not two, but 3 burnished gold expertly scaled ceiling light fixtures…on dimmers we’re sure
  • stair handrail in same cozy color as the door
  • top cove moldings in the slightest of paint sheens just glow
  • flush wood register covers hardly noticeable
  • base detail perfectly aligned with the beaded board wall
  • to the right, a family sitting down at the only eating space, to grandma’s dining room table refinished to work with modern kid friendly chairs
  • to the left, over stuffed furniture with washable slip covers and big baskets that corral the multitude of toys each night as Mom and Dad unwind
  • Max, the family golden doodle at the bottom of the stairs, half asleep under the dimmed lights, on duty for the night


Savor This Sunday!

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  1. What are you asking about? The outdoor items? Or the Foyer design elements?

    1. Agree…a fantastic example of how architectural elements can have such an impact in our homes.

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