Windows… A Universal Element In Architecture

Bill Gates - People Everywhere Love Windows

When Was The Last Time You Looked At Your Windows?

Structures of every kind, all over the world, have one thing in common…windows.  Windows let in light and fresh air.  These designated openings protect us from natures harsh elements.  Windows can be simple panes of glass or expressions of art.  Regardless of what a window looks like, windows do something magical.  They allow us to see.

Motivational Monday

littleblackdomicile laurel dress

 Do you recall a post last fall, when we talked about What Do We Really Need Our Homes To Do?  If not, take a look back because the post today is inspired by another wonderful weekend when our home outdid herself.  (yes she is a she).

After traveling the better part of the last two weeks on projects, Mr. LBD and I needed a weekend at home with no commitments.  Mother Nature complied and provided us with one of those slow, steady rainy weekends.  We spent a good part of two days sitting and peering out the window.

Let’s Go Window Shopping

For years I have photographed, and archived, shots of doors from all over the world.  While a door can certainly make a statement, a good window can be so much more interesting.  A window has its own personality.

The Sophisticated Naturalist

annehepferdesigns-black framed wall of windows-modern design

Go ahead...spend some time staring out the

A Shepard Watching The Flock

arch corner window- rural scene

what is art but a way of seeing- saul bellows

Budding Tiffany

carla aston- blue leaded glass window- free standing tub

vision is seeing what others do

The Theoretical Architect

apartment therapy-round window- hinged open

Windows Inspire Us To “See”

Yes, windows are utilitarian in that they are all constructed with a purpose in mind and a job to perform.  Sadly, the majority of new windows designed today are standardized and uninteresting.  Perhaps this is why we stop and linger just a second longer when a window really catches our eye.

Take A Minute To Look At These Beautiful Characters!


It’s Not What You Look At…It’s What You See That Matters

Speaking of seeing, unless you have been in a coma last weekend you no doubt have seen a few photos of that little wedding that took place across the pond.  Join Us Wednesday when we share what we liked best about the whole thing, and we promise not to talk about the dress! (although we did like the evening sheath quite a bit!)

The Royal Wedding- Our Favorite Thing


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12 thoughts on “Windows… A Universal Element In Architecture”

    1. Yes this is a fine example of personalizing a space while obtaining utility.

  1. It’s amazing how many kinds of windows there really are. I was super bummed when we moved into our townhouse that the style was out of our control. But it is what it is! I just cover them with pretty fabrics instead!!

  2. The last window is amazing and so cool, never saw such a window.
    I wish my future home will have such a window.
    Lovely and inspiring post. Thank you for sharing these pictures.

    take a look at my Blog or my Instagram

    1. Thanks for reading and commenting…we enjoy all the emails and comments we get!

  3. Our windows have huge attention from my side because I always watching through them our garden 🙂 But I would love to have as beautiful windows like you show here! Thanks for the wonderful inspirations!
    xx from Bavaria/Germany, Rena

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