The Checkered Past At The Royal Wedding


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History Of The Checkerboard

black and white checker board

It doesn’t take long to create a past.  A day, a week, a month, centuries?  St George’s Chapel was built in the 14th century and renovated in the 15th century.  We’re not sure when those gleaming black and white marble floors were born but pretty confident we can say they certainly have a past!  Indeed, a “chequered” English past!

However, even the mature floors of the castle are pups compared to the first esoteric floors that carbon date back to 3000 B.C. in Iraq.  That’s a long time ago.

Classic Black and White Checkerboard Pattern

littleblackdomicile laurel dress

house beautiful- vintage bathroom-black and white checkerboard floor- clawfoot tub-brass chandelier
Vintage MARMOLEUM Checkerboard

As a designer, I am asked often about what is my “favorite” ….fill in the blank.  If asked what has been our favorite house, I sincerely can say it’s always the one we are currently making our home.  But to say I have favorites in lighting, furniture, paint colors for example, I really could not narrow it down to a single item in any category.  However, for flooring the contrasting diamond patten is hands down my favorite.

jenkins interiors - curved brass and iron staircase- black and white marble floor- modern large art - statement lighting
Modern Classic Black and White Marble

There is no other floor design that is as versatile as the checkerboard pattern.  This pattern works beautifully in traditional and contemporary decor.  The pattern is consistent from all views into a space and stays to scale no matter how many twists and turns a layout may take.  The material used to create this pattern can be hideously expensive or comprised of the most economical materials possible.  Stone, marble, quartz, glass, metal, stained wood, painted wood, vinyl, carpet tiles, ceramic tile, laminates, even concrete can jump on this timeless wagon.   Contrasting colors in this type of pattern are pretty forgiving for daily life care and maintenance is low overall.  I bet St George does very little after all those feet walk all over him.

Are these Ebony and Ivory mates seeming more and more like the perfect floor?  We think so.  These floors are the only design we can say remains in nearly every home our clients are fortunate to inherit!

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