Bathroom Before and After 5.30.18

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We All Love Before & After Photos!

Last week we received two inquiries.  The first question about how to best use our Virtual Interior Design Packages  and the second, a question as to why we don’t do more before and after renovation posts.

Introducing Our Wednesday Wow!

littleblackdomicile dresses

We will answer the second question first.  Yes, all of our projects have before and after photos.  In the past, we followed a bit of an old school philosophy of keeping our work, and our clients projects, private.  However, writing this blog, we have learned that a good majority of our clients enjoy having their before and after photos revealed.  We’ll start to share more of our projects and also published projects of other designers we appreciate,  like this one from Sweeten Blog.

An Amazing Small Bathroom Renovation

sweeten blog-prospect heights -after bathroom remodel

Hard to believe this is the same space!  This photo secured a place in our archives years under the tile category.  Using large tile, in a small space, and also on all the walls, is a wonderful way to create the feeling of a much larger footprint.  Now we will also file this bathroom under our DIY Budget category.  Back to the first question about how to use our Virtual Interior Design Packages.

From our client….

“Our bath is laid out with all plumbing on the 9′ wall. Commode, 24″ Vanity, Tub. Bathtub is in good shape and will not need to be changed. We are capable of doing all but the plumbing reconnections ourselves. We’d like to use materials available from local home stores and online. We do not think we need a floor plan to start with. We’d like to know if we can use the Basic Design Package and add the hourly rate option as we go along?”-DG

DIY with A Virtual Interior Design Plan

Immediately we thought of the above before and after photos in our archives.  The layout is similar and the information provided relayed our clients liked modern design.   After the initial review, and our client requesting we simply source similar products to an inspiration photo, we agree our basic virtual design package was the best fit.


Virtual Interior Design

Below are two of the design boards that are included in the basic virtual design package.  Working with this client, we proposed the budget reduction suggestion of using a shower curtain vs the shower doors.  To finish, we recommended additional storage for the small space with a hidden back of the door pocket organizer.  Good interior design is functional!

laurel bledsoe design- virtual interior design- bathroom - little black domicile

laurel bledsoe design- virtual interior design- bathroom - little black domicile

Providing Resources

Included in all our virtual interior design packages, are quick links to the items recommended.  We source items from suppliers we use often and are happy to make our receommendations from companies you prefer.

“I asked Laurel to share the digital info with my husband as well.  We were both able to look at everything on our phones (amazing!) and I started ordering the materials, he called the plumber and we planned a date night to start the demo!”-DG

Over the door pocket organizer-littleblackdomicile
Inexpensive, Multi Use Organization

Over The Door Pocket Organizer


Black and White Cool Animal Shower Curtain
Shower Curtains- Quick Ways To Personalize and Change Up A Decor

Cool B&W Shower Curtain

Learn More

laurel bledsoe design- virtual design packages - little black domicile

Would you like to see more about what is included in our virtual design presentations, with our notes and shopping links? For a short time, we’d like to share the 8 page pdf of this virtual design with you. Simply email us here and request your copy today!  Perhaps we will work together soon!

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7 thoughts on “Bathroom Before and After 5.30.18”

  1. I’m a sucker for befores and afters–they tell such a great story, and give you so much inspiration!! Tell me where you put the multi use organizational hanger. I just saw someone use it on the inside of the shower curtain…but this bathroom doesn’t have that!!

    1. Ah…the details are in the pdf you can request via email that shows how detailed a virtual design can be. However, because you asked…behind the door. Does not show from the hall, when door open will not show in the mirror and when bathroom in use all those big, easy clean or simply replace when yucky, pockets hold what we need to face the world each day! We’ve seen the pockets on shower curtains, and for light weight kiddie toys very good, but for the heavy stuff there is nothing like a flat surface to add extra support. Did you catch how to secure the pockets to the door top instead of using the supplied hooks that wiggle around?

  2. Hi Laurel, I can’t believe how much bigger the bathroom looks after the renovation – the use of bigger tiles is such a clever tip! Lxx

      1. I should clarify…that is after we convince the homeowner that the space can handle the scale! First time is sometimes a challenge!!

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