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June 1st means vacations are on a lot of our minds.  We are busy planning where to go, how to get there, what to pack, and what to do in the few short days when we get to our destination.  Anticipation and expectations are high. What if we spend a little of this time getting in the mind set that will ensure we end up with some pretty amazing photo memories from a truly perfect vacation.


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Earlier this week, Laurel shared how to enjoy the photos that mean the most to us.  Our vacation photos take us back and let us relive the memories all over again.  Today we share some photos that inspire us before we even start our trip.  They certainly put us in the mood to let the perfect vacation happen!

Longing Over Vacation Photos Before The Trip



Enjoy the journey to and from the destination .  We might not be traveling on the orient express, but we can certainly choose some relaxing music and go with the sway.  Maybe this is the difference between a tourist and a traveler?

woonkamer-kleine-eetkamer- euro kitchen-dusty blue walls-red diamond patterned floor

Envision how we’ll use the space that is our home away from home.  Choosing a location that will take care of us is important.  How many times has this table been the scene of such happy times?  Perhaps our choice will be different from our home, but it should be equally pleasing.

abeautifulplate- clams on ice

Take time to explore the choices in food.  Can you almost feel and smell these clam shells?  Eat in, cook out, do a little of both and all with the anticipation of wonderful memories.

Bugøynes Sør-Varanger- blue sunset

Take advantage of the extra time to enjoy the beauty we all can share.  Use all our senses to take in a sunrise, a sunset, or the way the clouds roll by.

Colorful Vacation Memories

You no doubt have noticed we threw in a few our of Favorite paint colors inspired from our pre vacation photo session.  After all it is Friday!  The colors we absorb during our travels often find their way back home with us.

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