There Is Nothing Like Dining Alfresco!

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Ah, dining alfresco!  Is there anything like it?  The aromas are richer, the clink of a coffee cup or wine glass sounds almost like music, and the patrons are all content.  Rushing through a meal is the last thing on our minds.  In fact, to me alfresco dining signals a time to linger, even waste a bit of time.

Motivational Monday

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Alfresco Dining Makes Memories

20 years ago our daughter, and her family, joined us in coastal Maine mid summer.  We remember the trip fondly because she had adopted a little guy and he was all wide eyed and taking everything in.  He loved the rope swing in the corner and was really safe tucked in that thing.  Scanning all those photos I talked about last MondayI came across the one above of a fresh off the boat lobster fest we prepared as we enjoyed watching our new grand swinging away.

Maybe it was the briny smell of the lobsters and butter, perhaps it was the roll up the newspaper clean up, or might have been the lite beer I was apparently enjoying instead of the tea…regardless, this alfresco dining photo brought back all the memories of that trip in an instant.  Precious.

pawel wojoiechowski- indoor dining table brought outside-pots of rosemary-wine glasses sitting in the sun- alfresco dining

It’s probably safe to say that most of us dine alfresco more often on vacation than at home.  Why?  One of the most charming, memorable dinners might just be the one when we drag the table outside, put on some tunes, and pretend we are in a shaded vineyard with the sun peeking in.  Try it with your kids and see if they don’t remember this 25 years from now! (our kids also know about happy dishes)

Start Your Day With Cafe’ Alfresco

bokim-cafe coffee and pastry

What about starting a few days a week like this!  Get up 15 minutes earlier and enjoy that cup of jo outside somewhere.  Find a cup and a saucer, keep one in your desk even, and take it outside for your next break.  Would love to know the story behind Grams tea cup and the modern one in this photo.  Ok, chances are it will be a starbucks paper cup.  Maybe it will simply be stopping and leaning against the car to drink it, but pausing for a few minutes outside will be time just for you.

martin zangrel - indian tea-silver teapot-blue and white tea caddy

Make Your Own Alfresco Rituals

Did you know India consumes 30% of the worlds tea production?  That means they take time for themselves a lot more often than we do!  Perhaps we need to start working tea platters, like this one, into our designs…talk about creating a peaceful enviroment.  Think of tea time outside as hundreds of mini vacations!

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  1. It is easier on vacation somehow. I remember on our honey moon in Hawaii, we always had breakfast out on the lanai. But it was never quite as special back at home!!!!

    1. Here’s hoping to more honeymoon mornings in your future!

  2. I’m staring out at a gloomy, dark Monday in June Laurel, so looking at these photos is an absolute tonic! Lxx

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