Staircase Before and After 6.6.18

Natalie Jacob- Arsenic Lace- Stairway-Before and After

What’s a gal, living in New York City, to do when her fantastic architectural staircase just does not reflect who she is?  We save thousands of photos everyday in our design firm archives.  Seldom do we save an entire post link like we did last November when we saw how creatively this gal used paint in an unexpected way!

Bloggers Are A Diverse Group

Most bloggers start off as something else.  A dentist becomes a fashion blogger.   A blogger who writes about minimalism works in a small village in the south of England.  A guy running a family landscape company writes a blog about heathy food.   

A pair of designers  write a blog about design.  So predictable!

Medium Dresses - Courtney 6.14.17

So when we read about the bartender turned blogger of Arsenic Lace we just had to see what she posts about!

A Staircase Is Transformed

Wednesday Wow!

ThaddeusRombauer-3735-Natalie Jacob- Arsenic Lace- Stairway-Before and After

Designers have been recommending and selecting paint colors for staircases for centuries.  It takes a bit of convincing to get some really ugly stained wood painted.  After all, somewhere in the history of wood, some guyone decided it a crime to paint over wood.  Yeah?  Well it’s a crime to leave the toilet seat up too.  We ladies deal with that everyday so get your paint brushes out my dear fellows.  Now, what if we also tell you we want to paint all those “trees” pink?  Several shades of pink as a matter of fact.

We’re teasing the guys a bit to make the point about how amazing these stairs are now!  Look at how the perfectly aged wood floor is now featured with the contrast of the bright white post, spindles and top stair treads.   But wait….look closely at the treads.  They are gradually blushing to the most beautiful shade of salmon!

ThaddeusRombauer-3735-Natalie Jacob- Arsenic Lace- Stairway-Before and After

We have a few sayings in the design world, “It’s just paint.” and “No Guts No Glory”.  Cheers to you, Ms bartender turned blogger.

“All Guts All Glory with Just Paint”!

greyhuntinteriors - twin beds painted headboards- wicker lights- black and white interiors

After you are done looking at the post with all the other before and after photos of the staircase transformation, you’ll have to hop over to our Pinterest board where we have more photos about how to use Paint In Unexpected Ways.

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14 thoughts on “Staircase Before and After 6.6.18”

    1. A little confidence goes so far…or ask forgiveness later! Hubs often take the credit for a job well done I’ve found more times than not.

  1. First, you really made me laugh (and thanks for the shout out). But being predictable isn’t a bad thing either!!
    As for these stairs….can you say fabulous??
    I think paint is the best accessory!! It totally can transform anything!! And this is the best example!!

    1. Keep shouting and send the link to your other dentist friends who have not crossed over yet! These stairs are fabulous…and so cool the blogger mixes libations for her day(night) job!

  2. Hi Laurel, that staircase transformation is one of the coolest I’ve ever seen. I love that ombre effect – I feel like tearing the carpet off our staircase as we speak!! Lxx (P.S. I may or may not know a minimalist blogger in a small English village!!!!)

    1. Yes you know her! And yes tear that carpet up this weekend!

    1. Thanks! After 35 years in the design world we are hard to impress too! Please pass our site along. So much to share and we love talking about good design. It’s for everyone!

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