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The Power Of Interior Design On Our Psyche

Good design makes us want to live in one place vs another.  The principal is so simple yet often overlooked by homeowners, and landlords, that want to attract the best prospects for their properties.


Look Again…In Which Decor Do You Want To Spend Your Time?


Abbie Fenimore and Melanie Johnson show us the answer pretty quickly right?

Good Design Appeals To Everyone

Several times a month we are asked to assist clients to prepare their homes for market.  We prove one thing over and over again.  A property that takes advantage of assets, minimizing limitations with a good design, does not stay on the market for long.  Remember this popular post About Selling A Home?

Hire A Designer

Go back and look at this dining nook.  In the before photo we think it’s small and dark.  Roll up your sleeves, or hire a painter, and trust the designer you hired to give you options of current paint palettes that will work for the majority of people.  Please don’t fall into the trap that “everyone will want to choose their own paint colors”.  Dated decor shows up just as quickly online as does the enticing, current design of the property your prospects are looking at right now.


Properly scaled, fresh furnishings and fixtures help the buyer picture exactly how fantastic your property can be.   The right designer will work with a reasonable budget.  Heck, with the right interior design plan you may decide you want to stay!




The Design Concept with Paint Suggestions Above Is An Example Of What Is Included In Our $200 Basic Virtual Design Package…Ready To Learn More?

Selling or Staying, We’d Love To Chat

Virtual Interior Design Package

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