Our Favorite Summer Decor Ideas


Ever get the itch to change up your home’s decor with the season?  Kinda like we change up our wardrobes?  We do!  Today, this Friday lets look at our Favorite Summer Decor Ideas.

Medium Dress 2

Summer Decor Starts At The Front Door

Most of us make seasonal changes to our homes with planters full of lovely flowers.  Let’s keep going with the idea of a few lanterns we make an effort to light, and maybe a new door mat…or two.  Loving the way the photo above uses a larger outdoor rug with a mat layered on top.

Design Tip: Contrasting Elements Always Make A Decor Statement


1-Planter  2-Top Mat 3-Large Bottom Mat 4-Lanterns

Lighten Up With Summer Bedrooms

With the days staying lighter longer, we may be going to bed a bit later in the summer.  But, boy do we love the idea of cool crisp linens to welcome us each night or let us linger just a few extra minutes each morning!  Take a cue from your summer wardrobe and remake the bed with the same light layers of fabric.

Design Tip: Add Turkish Towels and Pillow Covers To Existing Bed Linens

coastal-living-russel lee-gray & white-bedroom-stripped duvet

little-black-domicile-summer-bedroom-area rugs-linens-turkish towels-pillows

1-Gray Stripped Bed Linens 2-Woven Side Table 3- Shag Area Rug 4-Turkish Towel 5-Four Pack Of Pillow Covers 6-Four Potted Plants


littleblackdomicile-laurel-LBD dress

“Our temporary rental home is dark.  What can we do to lighten things up working with our existing furniture?”-JC

Summer isn’t the only time that we want to lighten up our decor.  Furnishings available in warmer seasons are often perfect for all year round.  With a bit of planning, these textural pieces can be a welcome addition to both modern and traditional design.  Rattan chairs and small decorative tables offer a nice combination to change up nearly any room in our homes.

Design Tip:  Use a larger woven rug over an existing rug, then layer the smaller patterned rug on top of the woven rug for the next season.

One Kings Lane Woven Rug-Blue Rug


1-Square Back Chair   2-Blue Green Table  3-Area Rug 4-Round Back Chair

5-Gray Table


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    1. Thank you…new ideas come from so many places. When we see a good one, we like to share!

  1. The only change I make is outside with the flowers. No wait, I do change my drapes to a lighter color. Other than that thought my house stays the same. I need to implement some of these great tips.

    1. Big points for the seasonal drapes! You work on lightening up your decor as I work on eating better. Everyone needs to follow your blog…such easy tips!

  2. That woven bag makes me think of a cloth basket I passed over this week.

    May have to go get it. 🙂

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