Before and After Laundry Room 6.20.18

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How many houses do we see with an 8’x7′ space that is called a laundry room?  When in reality this space is actually the main entrance for its owners everyday.  Shouldn’t it be a tad more inviting…especially if it’s a room to do our laundry in?

We have a dilemma.  These so called laundry rooms are probably never going to one of the dream rooms we see all over Pinterest and in the HGTV shows.  We do agree this one below shared by Elle Decor is darn right charming.  However, when the space isn’t there, or the budget is a wee bit less, we can still make some welcome changes.

elledecor-laundry room- white and green wallpaper

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Wednesday “Wow”!

laurelbledsoe-design-laundry-after photo

Easy Peasy New Laundry Room

Yep, this is the same laundry “pathway” with the same cabinets and flooring.  Heck we didn’t even paint the walls.  When a new washer and dryer were in order, we suggested doing a few reasonable changes to make this space more inviting.

laurelbledsoe-design-laundry-before photo

This quick design plan included laminate counters, an off the rack molded laundry sink and faucet, and a five dollar hanging rod that completely changed the function on laundry day.

A removable, laminate box covers the plumbing and helped create a mini home office and doggie spot with plenty of counter space over the machines.  What a wonderful, in the door, drop spot!

Personalizing A Laundry Room

Even in the age of everything being digital, there is something fun about an old fashioned chalkboard.  Great way to leave messages …right where they can be seen.  Add meaningful art and don’t forget fidos treats.


Screen Shot 2018-06-17 at 10.59.52 PM

24×36 Chalkboards


Screen Shot 2018-06-17 at 11.00.46 PM

Coming Up Friday

little-black-domicile-friday-favorites-the not so ordinary kitchen


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8 thoughts on “Before and After Laundry Room 6.20.18”

  1. In our last house, I decorated the laundry room like no other!! Blue and yellow all over with tons of fun decor!! Why not? We spend (at least I do) a ton of time there!!
    Since we downsized, we don’t have a “room” per se, but I should paint it at least!! Thanks for the inspiration!!

    1. Yes a fashion blogger needs to have a laundry “area” that makes you happy!

  2. Lovely ideas! The work has to be done either way, so it’s nice to spend time in a well-decorated room. No room is too small to overlook! Lxx

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