Not The Ordinary Black and White Kitchen

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Our design firm, Laurel Bledsoe Design, is blessed with clients who ask us to size them up more or less.  We are asked to propose designs that work within the architecture of a house and capture the personality of the home.  No other room in our homes can show off who we are like our kitchens.  This Friday we’d like to show you some Favorite black and white kitchens that are “not so ordinary” which is why we love them even more!

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The Black and White Kitchen

Anytime we post a photo of a black and white kitchen, like we did for Sunday Spy this week, we get lots of good feedback.  Of course, we’ve got archives full of the color combo to share!  We will try to narrow it down to a few things we love about each of these “not so ordinary” kitchens.  Bear with us…you’’ll see it’s easy to get carried away!


Black walls and counter top are anything but dark in this homey kitchen!  Our favorite thing…the open stained cube shelving with the white back wall housing just things we use everyday to make sure they stay clean.  Yes, this would still be a great kitchen (with this amazing island) if there were white wall cabinets in this spot.  But would it be as memorable?  Don’t you want to be one of the people who gets to eat dinner out of this kitchen every night?  Yep!


In this kitchen design we see that less can be more.  More of an interesting design with the accent wall tile and those pair of sconces over the sink.  Goodbye recessed lighting and hello peaceful meals!

Modern Twist On The Black And White Kitchen

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Oh this one might be my favorite.  An open design with no heavy wall cabinets yet mega storage in the tall wall pantries.  A casual floor ready for whatever life brings on blended with the modern style of the cabinetry.  I’d have to replace the smaller open wall shelf with a piece of colorful abstract art,  but other than that I am ready to cook in this chef like kitchen.


What’s this, some white marble?  Yes it is!  Looking dapper in this timeless kitchen with the European black and stainless cabinetry.  Oh yeah, there is also that mass of copper on the wall.  Maybe this is not for anyone who does not have a sous chef who loves to polish pots, but how easily this concept could be worked in to most of our everyday kitchens.  Stretch the possibilities!


Ok, this one is a bit more on trend with the white cabinets as our design base.  However, I’m still drooling over the arched, vintage like pantry door.  Filling that pup up with real life amenities would personalize this kitchen up in a heartbeat.  Number one rule we follow when designing a kitchen….know how it is going to be used.  


home adore-black and white kitchen-galley kitchen-pendant lighting

Wait, maybe this one is my favorite.  Why?  Because it is a galley kitchen.  Galley designs are the most functioning kitchens.  We will have to do another post on the beauty of this style, but for now let’s look at an interesting feature of this black and white decor.

See the black frame sitting on the counter of the natural finish stool area?  Such an innovative way to allow for the single pendant fixture and to create an architectural element.  I have not figured out the herbs hanging over the white counter, but do agree this is pretty cool!

Kitchen Planning To Avoid The Trends

Throughout history, much of interior design can be identified by what decade it appeared.  As a whole, we are doing better choosing classic materials and making them popular.  White subway tile, Carrara marble and white shaker style cabinet doors are all classic elements.  However, is this combination being done so often now that soon it will become what we are tearing out?  Yes, in some cases we already are.

Wouldn’t it make more sense, be more fun and allow for years of contentment, to have the center of your home be unique?  Our clients think so and let us show them the possibilities everyday.

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  1. You always point out such interesting details that I don’t always pick up on, Laurel!!
    I do think that black & white is so classic…in the house and in our clothes.
    I really need to have Nancy, my stepmom, hire you guys when she moves into her place next month!!

    1. We’d love to help her and what fun posts we could both do! Fashion and design always go hand in hand!

  2. Hi Laurel, the clean, simple look of black and white cannot be under-estimated – and when it’s contrasted with that fabulous display of copper pans, it’s just so classy, Lxx

    1. Thank you. We are always so excited when we see everyday people like us implementing personalized design.

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