Living Room Before and After 6.27.18

laurelbledsoedesign-littleblackdomicile-before and after-living room-fireplace

Everyone has our own taste when it comes to decor.  What works for one homeowner may not work for the next one.  Good designers will work with the assets in a space to create personalized designs.  Six years ago, our interior design firm, Laurel Bledsoe Design, had the opportunity to assist our client with today’s before and after of this living room.

A Large Living Room Has So Many Possibilities for Interior Design

Before we show you the after shots of this living room, let’s talk about what we saw when we first walked in.  We saw an extremely large room with loads of natural light and a fantastic cherry wood floor.  On the flip side, we saw some pretty badly applied moldings and overkill on the drapes.  Take another look.  See the little bloomer like part under the heavy panels?

laurelbledsoedesign-littleblackdomicile-before and after-living room-fireplace-bay window-ugly curtains

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Wednesday “Wow”!

Look at these windows now.  Naked!  Early in the planning, we discussed adding soft linen panels and I am so glad our client chose not too.  The overdone applied moldings were removed from the walls and the ceiling lacquered so the architectural balance of the long space is restored.  A center fixture gathers in a properly scaled seating area that capitalizes on the views.

A mixture of a custom designed area rug and semi-custom upholstered furniture looks striking on the cherry floor.

laurelbledsoedesign-littleblackdomicile-before and after-living room-fireplace-area rug-leather furniture-gloss paints-potted plants

The Living Room After

laurelbledsoedesign-littleblackdomicile-before and after-living room-fireplace-area rug-leather furniture-gloss paints-potted plants

Goodbye ugly fireplace.  Hello to a modern twist in a stunning simple chimney design that is a focal point upon entering the house.  Below, another seating area.  Perfectly intimate, or part of the party.  Such a flexible use of space!

laurelbledsoedesign-littleblackdomicile-before and after-living room-fireplace-area rug-leather furniture-gloss paints-potted plants

Art & Accessories

Well Placed and Meaningful

To finish this renovation, our clients used both cherished family pieces and some well chosen new selections for the art and accessories.  Large plants complete this amazing transformation.


Thank you to our clients for allowing us to share these before and after photos.

We truly enjoy our clients!



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12 thoughts on “Living Room Before and After 6.27.18”

  1. Wowza….it looks like it went through a time warp (in a good way of course)!
    My only question is what if you need some window coverings? You know…for privacy?? Or warmth in the winter? What would you choose then?

    1. We had discussed linen panels for the decor only. The way the house sits on the lot privacy is not an issue for most “activities”. IF we had to cover these windows, we’d come up with a plan that does not distract from the design. I can still remember those drapes I saw 6 years ago…baaaaaad!

  2. Bravo! What an awesome change! I especially love the multiple seating arrangements and those wonderful naked windows. But the best feature? The CEILING.

    1. I’ll let you in on a little secrete…in the dining room we reversed the ceiling and walls so that all that lush lacquer in on the walls in there!!

    1. Personally I do too…but most important in any design is that our clients are over the moon and the design is all their’s!

  3. Hi Laurel – these ‘after’ photos are just amazing – as always, it’s the optimal use of light that’s so brilliantly managed! Lxx

    1. Yes…good design is easy once we pay attention to what the ultimate designer (Mom Nature) decides to do!

  4. What an amazing transformation!! My friends make fun of my style. They say I’m an old man in a young persons body. I like a traditional somewhat old fashioned look. Not a modern bone in my body. At least in how things look.

    1. Don’t fret, we design for “old” souls in young bodies too! Our homes are so very personal and what works for one may not for another. Hey, we know where you can find some old guy drapes!

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