How To Corral The Junk In Our Vanity Drawers- Week # 2


Here we are in July already!  To many that means summer is about half over.  Mother Nature’s calendar, and the school calendar, is not always in sync.  At the request of a current client who wants to get her home working better before fall starts, we are sharing week #2’s tip about organizing our vanity drawers.

Messy Drawers


When we are talking to clients about bathroom renovations, everyone wants “more storage”.  Compared to a deep door cabinet, where we have to bend and reach into, drawers in vanity cabinets can offer a lot of usable storage.  Yes, everybody has big dreams of  staying “skinny” in the bathroom  but drawers can get a bit chubby quickly.

Vanity Drawer Organizers


There are two types of organizers for our beloved bathroom vanity drawers.  Ones that work and ones that don’t.  It is pretty obvious the drawer above is not working.  Not only does the drawer need to be edited, but it is also the wrong way to use a kitchen organizer.  I may keep one spoon in the bathroom…but not sets!


Then we have this beautifully organized drawer above.  This drawer has snowy white dividers all in just the right size for a neat and clean collection of this gal’s products.  What problem could I have with this?

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My Problem With White Plastic Vanity Drawer Organizers



Hair makes me gag.  In the sink, the bathtub, in the vacuum, on the dog, in my brush and ANYWHERE near products we use on our faces.  So the problem with that perfectly organized drawer above is that it will not stay that way.  Along with the above mentioned follicle situation, things ooze, smudge and grow in those tiny white boxes.


Mr. LBD and I like to have the things we use everyday quickly accessible, easy to find in one reach and hairless.  (ok, that’s more me but he certainly benefits from this!)  Kitchen utensil wire, or mesh, drawer organizers work for us.  A wire divider is so easy to lift out, allowing you to shake off the dark, non slip rubber shelf liner in about 30 seconds.

mesh-drawer-organizerMesh Drawer Divider We Use Most In Bathrooms

Staying Organized In Shared Kids Bathrooms


Colorful Buckets

Years ago a really savvy Mom showed us how she used color coded items to help her young kids keep track of their own things in the bathroom.  Kid A was blue, B was pink, C was …you get the idea.  Cups, toothbrushes and washcloths were some of the items she doled out in each child’s color.  Brilliant.  We’ve used this very concept for individual shower buckets and caddies.  Easy to clean and corral all sorts of things. Under the sink, hanging on wall hooks, or setting on the shower floor, they can really be cuties.

Store Only Bath Products In The Bathroom

Many have a love hate relationship with Martha Stewart.  How many times have we walked away from her tips saying, “who lives like that?!” I confess, sometimes I say, “I wish we lived like that!”  In this article by Ms M she indeed taught me something years ago I will forever follow.  Make up should not be done in the bathroom.


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  1. Did I tell you I’m an organizational freak? Well, at least I used to be….for some reason, I’ve let things go lately. But I just used one of these organizers for my many pairs of glasses….finally!! Now I need to clean out my ever expanding beauty products….

    1. Yup…beauty products is coming up! It’s an area that can get out of control fast!

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