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As designers we see a lot of interiors.  Admittedly, we get weary of seeing the same concepts over and over again.  Let’s look at a few of our Favorite designs that buck the trends every time.

This Unique Bedroom Design

Has A Few Holes In It


Is your bed up against a wall in your home?  Thought so.  It does not take as much room as you might think to break away from that wall!  So much design and function in the example above of a fretted wall, bookcase headboard and this wonderful personal desk.  Add a make up mirror, and a few drawers and it looks like a vanity to us.

Speaking of Bucking The Trend

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Look Close Or You Will Miss What We Love About Trend Bucking Design


It’s no secret that Emily Henderson is a designer we love to watch.  She can transform any space making them all look like they have been loved for years.  Have you spotted what impressed us about this design yet?  It’s not the creamy soft wall color that lets the range hood meld right in.  It’s not that insane glass vase with sprigs we know she grabbed out of the yard just for the shoot.  Nope, it’s the paint technique on the vintage table legs.  Another reinforcement to our firms philosophy that good design has very little to do with how much we spend.

Good Design Is Simple


Small spaces are the mother of invention when it comes to interior design. Nearly all cabinet manufactures can make wall cabinets down to 8″-9″ deep.  Choose a door style that works with your decor, the width and height best for the space and a remnant for the top.  Presto…custom furniture that is anything but on trend.

Rethink Conventional Interior Design

Why use the conventional sofa concept in an interior’s design?  A pair of chairs  is so much more interesting!  Beside, surveys show that only 2 people will sit on a sofa at a time 85% of the time.

Breaking Interior Design Trends Is Fun!

One of our favorite things to add in a design is something that serves a purpose.  Take this budding artist’s canvas of butcher paper.  We’d put this in a kitchen and have new art everyday while keeping an eye on our kids we let “draw on the walls”!


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11 thoughts on “Great Interior Design Ideas Buck The Trends”

  1. I love this post! I spotted the table legs right away and thought “what a cool idea!” I love design and I love seeing great examples of design that do not look like everything/everyone that you see on Instagram. Our house is traditional and filled with pieces we have collected on our travels. It looks more like an English country house with a sprinkling of modern art thrown in. In a word, it looks like our lives.

    I hope that you ladies have a great weekend.

    1. And that is a concept that can be done with so many different wall design!

  2. I sent your site and info to my stepmom since she just moved (today). I love redecorating, but she doesn’t always listen to my suggestions, so I’m hoping she reaches out to you.
    You are so right about 2 people on a couch. We still have our large one from our bigger house that can easily hold 3 people (really 4), and yet when my knitting friends come over, only 2 will sit on it. That’s our next purchase…a smaller couch!!

  3. LOVE the handrail makeshift table! That’s wonderfully innovative, useful, and attractive.
    No room to put my bed any other way but against the wall, not that I mind, cause for me, good feng shui 😉

    1. Feng Shui is all about balancing what we have to work with. When it’s right we can feel it!

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