Why A Skinny Make Up Area Outside The Bathroom Is Best – Week # 3

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Yes, last Motivational Monday, we talked about how to better use the drawers we already own in our bathrooms.  We mentioned one thing we learned from Martha Stewart years ago, that our make up and hair area does not have to be in the bathroom.  Wait….is that where your make up warehouse is?

Our Make Up Area Inspiration

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Before we delve into one of the areas of our homes that can use a good de-cluttering and organizing, we want to share a fellow bloggers morning make up area.  How perfect is this repurposed dresser for a spot that is all hers?!

 un-fancy.com always inspires us to do more with less.  In a nutshell, she reminds me to perfect what really works for me and not be drawn into doing more when it does not fit my lifestyle.

Organizing The Bathroom

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It’s hard to say how many bathrooms laurel bledsoe design has designed for our wonderful clients.  No matter the decor, all bathrooms have to do the same things for each of us.  The number one request we get for a new bath design is to add more storage.  Reality check.  The thing with more storage is that if it’s not the right storage soon the same problems come back bigger!  A good design plan will allow for an auxiliary area, away from the steam and too deep vanity, with individual storage that is easy to maintain.

Why The Skinny Make Up Area?

 So We Can See Up Close!

Being able to get up close to a mirror, with good natural light is the ideal situation to create our best selves each day.  I’ve seen younger gals sit in front of a stand up mirror that reflects the natural source of light in a room.  Good plan, but if I did that I might need help getting up each day!  Here’s what is working for me in our current home.


This TJ Max, 15″ deep, $69 cabinet, has made the cut in several homes.  In it’s previous life it housed candles.  Now it fits nicely in the hall between the bed and bath.  The mirror, which never got hung on the wall, used to hang over a bed.  It’s a funky little space with just enough surface to hold a speaker and to spread out the things I use everyday.


Organization in the cabinet is with several flat acrylic trays that slide out easily, a pair of Burma Shave jars (a memory of my Dad), and a deep sided perfume box.  The small travel mirror is lightweight and good for closeups.  A pair of travel make up bags stay close for quick packing.  Baby wipes are a quick way to clean brushes daily and wipe up the counter.  The photo to the right are the only items I keep in the bathroom by the sink.  Basically, things that require a hand wash after application.

Quick Make Up Stash In A Medicine Cabinet


Years ago I started stashing a duplicate set of my absolute make up must haves somewhere other than in the master bedroom/bathroom.  When someone in the house is retired, (Mr. LBD) schedules are hours apart.  When I travel I use a glass to keep things on the counter but easy for housekeeping to move.  Currently I use a tall  Tervis 16oz Tervis Tumbler that holds what I use on most days and it is in the guest bathroom medicine cabinet.  It has also been on my desk and kitchen counter more times than once.

Sorry…It’s All Staying In The Bathroom!

tatertotsandjello-messy-make up-drawer

Other Ways To Free Up The Vanity Drawers


Again, we stress that what works for one might not work at all for another.  If you’ve got a system that works seamlessly for you now, does not create stress hunting for that perfect shade of lipstick you know you bought last month, or is so organized there is no hair or goop in site, then you don’t need to do a thing.

Or if you are like the rest of us, take some time to rethink how the area that you count pretty heavily on everyday is working for you.  A remake could be just what you need for a few extra minutes each day.

Enough Storage For Most Make Up Needs

lipgloss-and-lashes-make up-table-parsons-desk

 Look around and see if you can find three to four feet of wall space near natural light.  Decide if you want to sit or stand so the new space works best for you.  Perhaps existing furniture can be used in a different way.   We reuse kids desks all the time to make gals a personalized finish up spot.  Think about how fewer fights in shared bathrooms there will be some school time again.  Creating a personal make-up station, with new pieces, does not have to be expensive.  The more unique the pieces the more fun!  Here are a few universal pieces we suggest often.  We’ve got one savvy Mom who even attached a hair tool holder to the vanity she made for her daughter.  Smart!


Wall Mirror with Shelf


Parsons Console Table


Acrylic-Make Up-Organizer

Make Up Organizers


Hair Tool Organizer

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13 thoughts on “Why A Skinny Make Up Area Outside The Bathroom Is Best – Week # 3”

  1. That’s really such a great idea to put our makeup area in another place. I always think of the bathroom, but there’s never any natural light there (at least in mine!!)

    1. And most baths do not have proper natural light…and if there is a large window…what do we do…we must cover it up! As I get older, I need a cooler spot too!

    1. And it feels good to really use all the space in our homes for ourselves first!

  2. Great post, Laurel – right up my street! As always, a brilliant and innovative use of space. I’m also a fan of Unfancy – Caroline is great and her simplicity is so inspirational, Lxx

    1. Caroline is so young and has a lifetime ahead of simplicity we all strive for!

  3. Good post. Nice follow up to the other one.
    My space is the master bath. It’s a powder room, so no humidity. The whole vanity is mine, all the drawers, the shelves, the cabinet on the wall — all mine. This is the first house my vanity area has been in a bathroom, and I’m a fan. Outta bed, to the bathroom, then dress, pet care, kitchen, out! I do less traipsing 🙂 It’s also my first one-story house in… 20+ years.
    (Also, some of us don’t have natural light available in the morning.)

    1. Powder Rooms are great places for make up! They are rooms that we usually keep looking snazzy for guests and who is the most important guest in our home? Us! This is where I keep my “Stash Cup” of make up and many days it is the main place to get ready. Love it when our homes work so well for us…The Perfect LBD’s!

  4. I totally agree!
    When I moved into my flat I had my make up in my bathroom,
    but i tend to rearanged it and now have a second make up area outside of my bathroom and i totally love it.

    take a look at my Blogpost about these lovely beautyproducts

    1. Isn’t it nice when we use the space we have in different ways than expected and it works for us. We help so many of our clients “find” new space this way. Using our virtual design services is like a fresh set of eyes on what we already own!

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