Being Gutsy With Interior Design Makes An Airbnb Memorable – Before and After 7.11.18


No Guts No Glory


When long time clients decided to get into the short term, vacation rental business we had one piece of advice.  Go big or go big!  Which is exactly what they have done renovating a historic building in an equally historical Kentucky town.  Today let’s take a sneak peek to see how taking a few gutsy chances with the interior design is going to make this one memorable Airbnb!

So what do a pair of designers see when we look at this large space that had been chopped up with office wall partitions, had a bad combo of fluorescent lights and ceiling fans, wrinkled brown carpet and the proverbial brown/gold paint that always sucks the light out of every room?

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Wednesday “Wow”!


We see the makings of a bright, inviting great room three couples, or a family, can share while they enjoy this 3 bedroom, 2 bath, full kitchen with laundry and office, rental that is decorated with a cool mix of funk and tradition.

A Budget Friendly Gutsy Interior Design

Remember we said earlier, go big or go big?  This unit is huge.  And because every inch has been renovated, we had to be creative and innovative with a design that did not break the bank.  Sometimes, budget savvy innovation initially gets met with a “You want me to do what?!”

Seeing Is Believing – Virtual Design Helps

You may have noticed the slightly unique painted chandeliers taking center stage in the new design.  How funky cool are these as the color in an otherwise traditional decor plan?  Close you eyes and image these glowing at night dimmed to just the right level.  We could see it all along, but our clients needed a little visual.  Our virtual design service does just that.  We do everything possible to “show” you what we mean.



Virtual Design – Learn More Here

My Mom Had A Chandelier Like That!


Yep, and so did her friend, and her other friend and that friend’s friend.  This brass, mock colonial, octopus looking fixture, was the product of one of the greatest marketing campaigns of the 80’s.   Builders put them in every dining room in the country.  To say they are easy to find sitting on a garage sale driveway or in junk resale shops is an understatement.  But if you can’t find a “vintage” one…they are still available new and cheap!  Cheap is another word for budget savvy.

Designers Love To Have Fun!



The windows in the unit are amazing.  Nearly floor to ceiling, allowing mother nature to do her thing with the light.  We, the designers, are responsible for the night lighting.  While MN was getting her beauty sleep, our clients found this mirror that seemed nearly perfect in size.  A quick paint job, the same color as the marshmallow walls, and we’ve got 4 chandeliers now instead of two.  Top that Mother Nature!


Want To See It Again?


We will be sharing the entire reveal in the weeks to come.  We will show you how the fireplace finished up, as well as the new, but old soul, kitchens and baths.  Cozy bedrooms, and the perfect place to work a few hours after you decide to extend the stay, finish off a truly perfect LBD as your home away from home.


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    1. Yes…it’s been a wonderful transformation. And the beauty of it all is that because it will be a rental…we can all go and enjoy it when in Kentucky!

  1. The paint on those chandeliers is so much cooler than the original ‘mock colonial’ ones – it’s a lesson that everything can be transformed! Lxx

    1. Can’t wait to reveal the entire unit…our clients are so much fun to work with!

    1. Thank you. Great place to visit if you are ever in the states!

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