How to Choose Those Blue-Green Colors That Make Every Home Look Good!


We’ve all got that “friend” whose eyes are that piercing shade of blue…no wait maybe they are green?  Mr. LBD is one of these fortunate people.  That baby blue green color is hard to replicate but when we do it makes every home look good!

Yeah…It’s Friday Favorites!

Medium Dresses - Courtney 6.14.17

Those Perfect Blue-Greens Are Every Where!


What’s more attractive in this table setting above?  The food or the eye catching bowls and platters making the presentation?  Perhaps it’s all a matter of interpretation.  Regardless, no other color combination immediately grabs us like the mix of the many shades of blue and green.



Is There A Trick To Choosing The Right Color?


Yes, and no.  Once, as Mr. LBD was walking through a new home, his eyes, the pool and his shirt were all working so well together.  I said go stand in the bedroom and that’s how we ended up with the most beautiful shade of turquoise I’ve ever seen.  Sometimes it not as easy.  The first trick is finding something as an inspiration and then working to blend several hues to perfection.


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Water & Sky

Two Natural Elements That Nail It Every Time


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There is one more “trick” to using blues and greens successfully in our homes.  This isn’t really a trick, it’s more knowledge and insight combined with experience.  All colors look their best when they are used in conjunction with natural light, structural assets and limitations, new or existing furnishings, and with a goal in mind of what we want to portray.  Helping our clients create the Perfect LBD is what we are passionate about.  Let’s work together and have some fun!

Good Design Is About Ideas…For New and Existing Spaces

Close your eyes, imagine this kitchen in most of the HGTV or design publications we’ve seen in the last 5 years.  Would this kitchen been as striking with you know what (white subway tile on the splash)!

Good Design Is Not Expensive…Good Design Adds Value


So many things we don’t notice in this colorful, well decorated kitchen.  Oak and laminate cabinets, drop ceiling panels, a white refrigerator (no way)!  Nope, all we notice is how fun, innovative and welcoming this tiny gem is.  Look at how many shades of the blue greens we can enjoy!

Looking For Some Great New Ideas?

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    1. Food, Fashion, Interior Design…all connect somehow! Bon Weekend my friend!

  1. Yes. Blue-green is THE color in my home palette. Five different shades and a lot of ivory. Grays and tans negotiate with it, coral pops against it. It’s lively, not loud. I’m a believer!

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