Five Ways DIY Coffee and Wine Bar Makeovers Rock!

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Wednesday we shared, the before and after of our twist on the multi-use bar in our home.  Today,  let’s talk about Five Ways To DIY and make the Perfect Coffee or Wine Bar for your LBD!

Five Things That Make A DIY Bar Rock!

1. Counter Tops

So many homes built in the 70’s through today have a 5′ area that is designated as a “built in bar”.  With or without a sink (officially making it a wet bar), the beauty of these areas is that we have a good amount of counter space that is totally up for grabs as to how we can use it!  Wood, laminate, stone, quartz, granite, name it.  The bar is such glorious real estate and a spot we can definitely make reflect who we are.

thecreavityexchange- built in bar- stone wall- floating shelves

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Friday Favorites!

2. Open Shelving

Regardless if we entertain a lot, or just for ourselves, open shelving looks great in most decor and can also lead us to the “grab and enjoy” thing everyday.   After all, we are the most important guests in our homes!

shop mk style - bar in a closet- mirrored walls- glass bar shelves

centeredbydesign -white cabinets-under counter ref-wall shelf-bar

3. Extra Chill Zones

Beverages!  Boy do we all have a bunch of them.  Small, under counter refrigeration is available in so many combinations.  Just think about having a to go bottle of water, that smidge of cream for our coffee or that special bottle of rose’ you forgot about but will go just perfect with dinner!


4. Statement Lighting

Designated bar areas are great spots to show off some statement lighting that gives us the “oooooh we love this spot” every time we walk up.


5.  Flexibility

Talk about a quick change artist!  We get absolutely giddy when we find a space we can help our clients use in so many ways.  Even more fun is when we get to design a space that becomes a weekend DIY project.  Plan the work…work a few days and enjoy it by Sunday afternoon!

Look around your home.  A seldom used built-in area, or a few feet of unoccuiped wall space, can become a morning to-go spot, and afternoon me-spot or a yeah it’s 5 O’clock-spot.

Bon Weekend!

Motivational Monday we talked about one area we can all improve quickly.

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  1. These are all so beautiful and I am a big fan of statement writing! I use it in my customers landscape designs all the time. It makes such a big impact!

    1. We admire landscape designers…you have to work with the big gal…Mother Nature!

    1. Can only imagine what goodies you could fill up a happy place like these with!

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