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We Spy With Our Designer Eye

Each Sunday we’ll share a design that caught our eye and we took some time to savor.  Designs that are a little different from the norm, like this one shared by Design To Inspire.  At first glance the vintage typewriter draws us in.  With a closer look we see why this moody space is so inviting and know that even though it’s July, some of us are starting to look forward to the cozy Fall!

Ooooh…Here’s What I Love About This Interior Design!

Medium Dress 2

  • a long, distressed piece of wood on piped, industrial legs makes a charming sofa table
  • or wait…that wonderful slab is also additional seating and a place to work for the mac lover who wants to be part of the evening
  • the exposed radiator is perfectly at home in this decor
  • cushy comfort with the dusty gray velvet sofa
  • bookshelf wallpaper, above a stained chair rail creates a library effect
  • wonder what the history is of the small, oil painting highlighted by the art light?
  • and is that candle scented, a woodsy bark smell? patchouli?
  • large window give loads of natural daylight and the mix of vintage and modern lamps add the night time ambiance to the room
  • a black hide rug layers texture on top of the old, perhaps waxed, hardwood floors 
  • books as a lamp riser, antlers and the dancing pair on the chair pillow show this decor is so design savvy
  • how about the pair of white and chrome molded chairs?!
  • the single little green plant sitting on the coffee table in front of the sofa adds the only bright color needed in this decor
  • grandpa sitting in the leather chair, his legs propped up on the ottoman, reading the newspaper
  • his visiting son, with cocktail in hand, getting ready to open that mac and do a final office check in before a special guys only weekend unfolds

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6 thoughts on “The Sunday Spy 7.22.18”

    1. Agree! Recently we stayed in a hotel that had lived a full life already as a newspaper building. The lobby was full of working type writers and kids dragging parents over to see what they had written. So refreshing indeed!

    1. What a beautiful way to look at this…lovers, parent and child, or the different generations. Love how a simple photo can inspire us all differently!

  1. I think this is a favorite! That typewriter on that gorgeous table completely stole the show for me, goes quite nice with the lamp. Seeing the Mac, it pulls you back into life today. Exceptional!!

    1. Yes, and this really depicts most of our lives today. Mix of old and new works!

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