The Simple Secret To The Ultimate Sheets- Week #5


Fact # 1….no one likes to fold a fitted sheet.  Fact # 2…storing sets of sheets is a problem.  Fact # 3….the hunt for the perfect sheet eludes most of us.  Ready for a simple secret to owning the ultimate sheets?


Let Us Explain How To Get That Ultimate Sheet

In our full service design firm laurelbledsoedesign, and in our online virtual design service, we specify a lot of sheets.  Our goal is always to help our clients create beds that are easy to maintain, and so inviting they can’t wait to get into them and linger getting out!

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What To Do Before We Talk About The Secret To Perfect Sheets

Own One Set Per BedEgad’s…are we kidding?!  No.  Too many sheets create a problem.  They never look as neat and tidy in a closet as when we first organized them.  We do not like to fold fitted sheets, no matter how many videos we watch. Taking sheets from the low heat setting on a dryer to the bed is the best way to avoid wrinkles.

If you have small kiddos, or just feel more secure with an extra set per bed, try folding them in half and storing between the mattress and box springs.  Right where you need them, and like having you own dry cleaner press.

Forgo The Top Sheet-40% of Americans are now catching onto this European technique that is so simple.  Pulling up one fluffy, perfect weight comforter is heaven. When it comes to making the bed, what could be easier?  Additionally, no more tangled, wrinkled sheets to fight with all night long.

Gained Storage – Start Thinking About What You’ll Do With All That Extra Space In That Closet.

Ready For The Secret To The Ultimate Sheets?

(no matter how much they cost)

Wash Them!


Want those soft and sexy sheets?  Wash them.  And we mean to wash the new sheets almost to the point of obsession at first, then weekly as time goes on.  Think of a set of sheets like a pair of new jeans.  The more they are washed, the softer they become and the less the edges stick to each other.  Just like the leg of a cotton pair of jeans.

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Research the fiber content of a sheet, not the thread count. (which in our opinion is a very successful marketing campaign) Different types of cotton, wood fibre, linen, silk and satins all offer different feels to the fabric that covers the place where we spend one-third of our life.  Buy the best you can, and then start your engines, the washing machine that is.

Laundry Rules To Break To Get Those Sexy Soft Sheets

  • Use Hot Water – To get the fibers to break down, and become softer quicker, use hot water until the sheets start to feel softer
  • Dry After Each Wash – Use a medium heat and test the softness after each wash.  When ready to put on the bed, use a lower heat and check often to keep the sheet from sticking to itself.  Heat sets wrinkles.
  • Wash Sheets Separately – Yes, if you are going to use that top sheet, this means double the loads.  The fabric needs to be able to “swoosh” around to be happy.
  • Wash, Wash, Wash & Repeat As Needed – How do you think Grandma had all those so soft sheets?  Actually, inheriting sheets, or finding them at a resale shop/tag sale, can be a fine way to get the ultimate sheets automatically.  There are going to be a lot of scratchy, nice sheet sets others gave up on, or simply had too many causing them undue stress!

How Often To Wash Sheets

After your new sheets are semi – soft, or you just can’t wait to use them any longer, here are some general guidelines for washing sheets.  Just imagine how wonderful the single set is going to be a year from now!

What To Do With Extra Sheets

  • Gift Them To Friends – For fun, have a wine sheet exchange.  Pack up all the extras and donate them.
  • Donate To – Animal Shelters, Habitat, Social Programs, A DIY Seamstress
  • Toss – Stained, Torn…Out they go

The Case for Pillowcases

stack- of-pillow-cases

Don’t pillow cases look so good folded and stacked so neatly in our cabinets, closets and drawers?  Yes they do!  And is there anything better than a fresh smelling, super soft or crisp pillow case?  Think about it.  Hair and face products transfer to our pillows each night.  What about a clean one every night?  This is a good way to get our linen fix and when we are out of cases…time to soften those sheets some more too.

How Are You Doing?

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20 thoughts on “The Simple Secret To The Ultimate Sheets- Week #5”

  1. This is what we did when we downsized—got rid of many, many sheets (actually we put them out in the garage to use a drop clothes for painting)! But we do break this rule a little. We have one set for summer and one for winter.

    1. Each of us breaks a “rule” and is thrilled when it works for us. That’s how to achieve The Perfect LBD for every home! We see clients struggling with preconceived notations of what “should be” and find permission to live the way that works best for them so liberating.

  2. Hi Laurel, some fantastically useful tips here – I love this series 🙂 When I had my major de-clutter, bedding was a key culprit that was taking up space. I now have one set and a spare for the two bedrooms and it works out fine. The picture of the cat is beyond cute! Lxx

    1. Me too…ever notice hotels never use them? Probably can’t find any one who stays sane long enough to fold more than one!

  3. So I agree on many levels except about the top sheet. When you live in a climate where 110 happens, you need NO duvet. You need that top sheet. When you are an air bnb owner you need that top sheet. Top sheets are an absolute must in my world. I’m a sheet expert. And don’t think you can get qualty sheets at “discount” stores. Those sheet companies specifically make sheets for those discounters. You get what you pay for.

    1. Always buy the best we can afford…which is different for everyone. Discount stores like Homegoods have pretty nice quality for less. Agree for rentals..a top sheet is easier to provide fresh with each guest. AC makes most homes comfortable for duvet owners…110 degrees does make it challenging! Thanks for reading and your valued comments!

  4. Excellent advice! I did this last year, every bed except the master has 1 set. Our small pups sleep in the bed with us so i need one extra set of sheets for it. I laughed out loud when I read the part about the fitted sheets, you are so right, no matter how many videos you watch you can never get them folded, or at least I can’t.

    1. Even with pup…the straight out of the washer works for me! I think I actually do wash more often this way!

  5. Great tips! I don’t even attempt to fold fitted sheets. I roll them and in the closet they go. The door hides the mess. Lol

    1. Rolling better than folding…but Ill stick with the less is more on this one!

  6. Can you believe?! I fold fitted sheets! I learned years ago to stack each corner over one fisted hand at one time….lay the sheet down and turn in the overhang…viola….you can fold the sheet. I even am able to fit my winter flannel sheets into the original zipper bag in which they were purchased. It’s a game with my family…watching me fold the fitted sheets. I’m not sure if these instructions make sense to everyone.

    1. Perfect sense, I can also do it…but I hate it! Brownie points for keeping the original bag. You are a gem in so many ways!

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