Just Add Decor! A Bathroom Before and After – 7.25.18


Sometimes there is absolutely nothing “wrong” with the interior design of a space in our home.  Take this bathroom for instance.  It has a Kohler Memoirs commode and pedestal sink which are fixtures we spec all the time.  The black and white small tile floor is classic and easy to maintain.  There is nice natural light coming from a large window.  It functions just fine.  Yet, most of us look at this photo and think it needs “something”.   Just add decor!

Wednesday “Wow”!

A Bathroom With Beautiful Decor


These photos, from House Beautiful, have been in our archives.  Even though a tad fuzzy, we still say “WOW” to what a few simple decor changes can make!

So clever the way the two tiled in soap dishes were removed and a mirror with shelf covers the holes and saved the tile.  A classic blue and white color palette completely changes the “feel” of this bathroom.  Everything except the wallpaper are simple decor choices that do not need a renovation.  Fresh, clean, crisp and timeless.  Now, which bath would you like to use?

Just Add A Little Blue & White Decor!

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1-Towels 2-Mirror 3-Canvas Art 4-Stool

One More Example of “Just Add Decor”


We like this well planned bath with snowy white cabinets, classic marble tile and counters, great faucets, unique mirror layout and design.  BUT what we really love is this unexpected blue Chippendale chair.  Even in a fantastic renovation, the finishing touch can be to “just add decor”!

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10 thoughts on “Just Add Decor! A Bathroom Before and After – 7.25.18”

  1. Blue and white is so classic for a bathroom – there’s something so fresh and clean about it – maybe even a bit nautical! Lxx

  2. IT looks fabulous! I am so glad they took out the soap dishes. Although I have to be honest I wish they would have taken out the hook by the toilet but I understand they probably did not want to ruin the tile. I don’t like towels over the toilet.

    1. We also like it when we can help clients make decor changes quickly and within their budget. It’s like getting your hair cut…when you are ready we dont want to wait!

    1. A good designer see’s potential for every project and price point!

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