Where Does Interior Design Inspiration Come From?


Pine Cones and Acorn

Interior Design is a profession full of exact measurements, scale and balance.  This set of rules is a given that has to be followed for projects to be successful.  Inspiration for a project, however, is endless.  Inspiration from fellow bloggers is priceless.

Food As Interior Design Inspiration

Today’s Friday Favorites post is not the one that was scheduled.  But who wouldn’t fall in awe of the photo above and open the link that includes the recipe for this wonderful combination of colors?  Thus, we quickly changed gears and decided to look at interior designs that are simply as soothing as that big bowl of pistachio cream!

littleblackdomicile-laurel-LBD dress

Friday Favorite-Chandelier!
Friday Favorite Cabinets!
Friday Favorite Onyx Niche!

Fashion As Interior Design Inspiration

Medium Dress 2

Recently,  we’ve been working closely with Anthropologie to learn more about the custom furniture options the company is embarking on.  Because Laurel insists on the “sit and feel” test for online furnishings when possible, we traveled to Chicago and did just that.  We Sat.  However, it’s their jewelry that inspired me to think about unique, modern design.

Friday Favorites-All of These!
Friday Favorite The Wall Color!
veranda-green-sofa-patterned-drapes-plaid carpet
Friday Favorite-Pair Of Green Painted Chests!

Sidenote:  We are not an affiliate for Anthropologie and do not make any commissions promoting them.  What we do receive is a nice trade discount on the home furnishings we are excited about, and pass these discounts onto our full design clients.  Laurel Bledsoe Design, we offer value to a project, not expense.

Where Do We Stash Our Interior Design Color Inspiration?

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11 thoughts on “Where Does Interior Design Inspiration Come From?”

    1. Real life inspiration, especially from other bloggers, always sticks with us! Our design team is innovative and we “feed” off each other…I guess pun intended today!

    1. I’ll take the compliment and pass along that I am part of an amazing team…which includes every one of our clients.

  1. It’s amazing how you can create a springboard into a world of design inspiration, from a simple bowl of ice-cream! Lxx

    1. It’s a blessing and a curse….but such a fun ride! I’ve said it for years, a true designer has some sort of extra chromosome that let’s us look at things in a different light.

  2. Oh my goodness, I am honored and humbled to be featured on one of your posts! Thank you! I love the beautiful inspiration photos that you came up with. So many beautiful rooms.

    I hope that you have a wonderful weekend.

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