What Do The Refrigerator And Our Cars Have In Common?-Week #6

They Both Need One Of





We confess, we are all kids at heart.  Nothing is more true than when it’s time to clean out the refrigerator and the car!


Catch Up This Motivational Monday & Declutter Something

Whew!  Six weeks can fly by when we are having fun, enjoying the more relaxed schedule of summer, soaking up our vacations and ignoring the inside of our cars and refrigerators.  Busted, right?


The Old Ice Box


We actually know a few food bloggers who most likely have super clean refrigerators with their produce on a pedestal.  They can come stock and cook from my box anytime!  However, most of us are like this reality star.  Caffeine, butter, cream, and mayo.  Now that’s real!  And real refrigerators get neglected most of the time.


With vacations over, school and work getting back into a routine, why not take some time and show your refrigerator some love.   In a few minutes you can do these following tips.

  • the next night before trash day..ruthlessly toss anything expired, funky or that simply wasn’t successful enough to be completely consumed
  • combine duplicates..this one is so easy but most overlooked for all our food items
  • make a pact to eat your way down to the plastic…same theory as eat from your pantry for a week to clear it out
  • repeat all steps for the freezer
  • when as empty as you can get take the time to really…

Clean The Refrigerator

Now that everything is clean, fresh and everyone in the house is properly in awe, try these tips to prevent having to clean the refridgerator again until after the holidays.  There are no tips for that time of year…only advice is to have another cookie and know cleaning the refrigerator is a resolution you can keep.

  • contents-buy less and don’t replace until purchases all consumed
  • line drawers with dishtowels and launder them often
  • keep cleaning wipes close by and teach everyone to wipe up any spills as they happen
  • use same wipes to clean up between shopping hauls
  • if all else fails…remember what refrigerators cost and follow the new car theory below

Update:  A reader asked for a photo of my refrigerator.  So here it is. I don’t look as good as Ms. K above, but our fridge can hold it’s own.  Yes, we ate the ice cream that was previously in all these containers…real life recycling!


The New Car Theory



Years ago, when we were first married, Mr. LBD had an MG something or another.  With the passenger seat being the only place to tote one bag of groceries home, it was the perfect way to not fill up the fridge.  We don’t always agree about what kind of cars we own, nor how often we change them.  He looks at cars every week and I can drive the same one for years.  The one thing we agree on is that our cars have to be clean and organized.  Ironically, very similar tips apply to both cars and refrigerators.

  • clean out the trash upon leaving the car-during the day at a stop, last thing before retiring for the day
  • use containers, specific for your needs, to keep things organized
  • keep a canister of wipes handy and use them
  • do full clean outs on a regular schedule


So what’s the new car theory in our house?  After looking at what some of the cars on Mr. LBD’s most wanted list cost, we come home, give the car a good cleaning and congratulate ourselves on how much money we just saved.

Declutter One Area A Week

So how are you doing?  On track to have 10 areas decluttered and organized by September?  Tackling one area, each 7 days is managable for most of us.  Simple solutions that make a big difference everyday!

The “One In One Out” Rule To Staying Organized!


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After All This Organizing

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9 thoughts on “What Do The Refrigerator And Our Cars Have In Common?-Week #6”

  1. Have you been looking in my fridge??? I need to clean it up ASAP…not in the way you described. I’m pretty good about that. But it’s time to wipe down the shelves and such!!

    1. Not directly…but since this is so universal we do seem a bit clairvoyant don’t we! So many times we all think of organizing as a huge project when in reality its the small things that make life so much better. Everyone can clean out the fridge and the car!

  2. Hi Laurel, great post! I’m not too bad at staying on top of the fridge cleaning, although with only two of us, it’s much easier to manage. But I really like that tip about lining drawers with dishtowels – definitely going to try out that one, Lxx

    1. I tried paper towels for years and it just got all jumbled up in the bottom of the draw and things snuck under there! Towels are heavy enough to prevent this and so easy to switch out without extra effort.

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