5 Favorite Staircases With A Personality


The latest statistics show that we have just inched over the 50% mark of more homes having staircases than not.  In new construction, many have more than one set of stairs.  Regardless of whether or not we choose to live in a house with stairs, we can all agree that staircases are a stunning feature of our homes interior design.

What Makes A Staircase Grab Our Attention

All staircases do the same thing in transporting us from one level to another.  Building codes set forth guidelines that have to be followed for safety.  To interior designers, architects and some savvy builders, staircase design is a way to quickly give projects their own personality.   It’s Friday and here are 5 Favorites we think clearly make a statement!

Simply Natural


Straight lines and natural finish woods are perfect companions in the example above.  Look at the artistic, subtle detail of the newel post as it falls just in front of the lead treads.  Very attractive.

Friday Favorites

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Traditional Beauty


Inviting warm detail with these painted turned spindles, and hearty end post, contrast beautifully with a modern stair runner.

Transitional Comfort


The soft curves of this floating staircase blend effortlessly with all the elements in this architecture and is such a wonderful example of very good design.

Uniquely Modern


So much to like about this so very creative staircase! Concrete treads poured to the right height to allow for a wood overlay.  The absence of a base molding lets the rug be an important part of the design.

Code Breaker


Remember how we mentioned the building codes early in this post?  Part of the safety code is that no open space can be greater than 4″.  How we create this 4″ is up to interpretation.  Interior design is all interpretation.

How To Choose A Staircase Design

Building a new home, remodeling, or simply making some cosmetic changes to an existing staircase, the design process is the same.  Research the possibilities, accept any limitations, take advantage of existing assets, plan the work and work the plan.  Partner with the right interior designer...we have a passion for those staircases to heaven.

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5 thoughts on “5 Favorite Staircases With A Personality”

    1. You painted first…see always an exception to the rules! Stair cases are right up there with doors in our “what we are passionate about” folder!

  1. Hi Laurel, we replaced our old staircase last year and now have a lovely, modern one with wooden spindles. The difference it has made is huge – it really opened up the hallway and let loads of light in. I wouldn’t have guessed the potential this detail has, if I hadn’t experienced it myself! Great post, Lxx

    1. Yes…this is an area that many think can’t be updated and the differences are amazing!

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